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Faceit help
Finland FuturePresidentOfFinland 
Where can i see if faceit support has answered to my ticket? + How many days it usually takes them to answer?
2021-04-08 18:34
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thx for help guys!
2021-04-08 18:35
I will help you, by giving you a bump
2021-04-08 18:35
last time i made a ticket i received a response after 2 days. u usually get a mail
2021-04-08 18:35
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ok thx
2021-04-08 18:38
Rapper | 
United States E_40
usually responded to me within a day
2021-04-08 18:36
you can see on ur gmail bro they respond so fast maybe 1 or 2 days
2021-04-08 18:39
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i have waited 2 days now should i send a new one?
2021-04-08 18:42
another toxic one haha
2021-04-08 18:44
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nope, didint mean to buy 3 month premium ship again and just wanted my money back
2021-04-08 18:48
Email they wanted my ID for some reason 😜
2021-04-08 18:47
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