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Evil Geniuses
Finland DTeeVee 
What's up with this team? They beat Astralis and Gambit but lose to Winstrike and Endpoint. Does it mean that there is still hope for this team or are they done?
2021-04-08 23:42
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South America _matiaasss
2021-04-08 23:42
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2021-04-08 23:43
Europe Cirros_V2
idc if its bait stfu
2021-04-09 00:03
They are done. The disband is coming.
2021-04-08 23:43
tarik whifffed, if he didnt ez win
2021-04-08 23:44
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Argentina Lukem_Fan
nah, they got destroyed on first map
2021-04-09 00:33
Canada Juicemoose
Theres still hope, everybody is so quick to discount new rosters. Give oBo time
2021-04-08 23:44
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+1 Thank you. Give teams a chance!
2021-04-09 00:01
North America joeS
"new roster" it was 1 change. and obo did fine. The rest of the team was shit
2021-04-09 01:38
Switzerland Sylleo
they're baiting the FBI
2021-04-08 23:44
Japan ShinjiIkari
give Robo some time
2021-04-08 23:46
individually this is a good team, so i still belive in them. most of their loses are really close matches that they could've won.
2021-04-08 23:49
Astralis is not good against teams that have made a roster change
2021-04-08 23:51
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2021-04-09 00:30
I think they should persevere and keep practicing with this roster but I fear they'll just disband
2021-04-08 23:55
Argentina cheapdeed
astralis isn't that good rn but yea im sure EG will disband, they had the players, the coach and still chokes
2021-04-08 23:57
EG only plays well when tarik gets his shit together Tarik rarely has shit together
2021-04-09 00:26
i mean it kinda just happens. liquid lost to pain
2021-04-09 01:30
the Stan cycle has ran its course... its always the same with Stan teams
2021-04-09 01:34
I think EG is one of the teams that just doesn't translate very well online. Cerq in particular just looks like he's completely lost any semblance of his 2018 and 2019 form. The bright spots are Brehze is still one of the best riflers in the world. Without doubt he's a beast and Obo looks like he's translated into the squad really well and quickly. Downside is obviously Cerq and I think Stan. Tarik is the guy who's sent in to die or holds an MP9 or Galil so I'm not too down on him. Honestly think he should probably take over the IGL spot but I dunno if EG is going to hold onto the team at all if success doesn't come sooner then later. An EG disband could be a huge boost to Liquid the only problem is I think they still believe Grim is going to be a really good player. Which means we lose Brehze and Obo to international teams or Valorant. Which would suck.
2021-04-09 01:37
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