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Create new country
Build platform in the ocean and create new country with own laws. Why no one did this?
2021-04-11 14:47
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Brazil MlNE
just throw your mom there and we have a new island
2021-04-11 14:47
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2021-04-11 14:48
2021-04-11 15:15
2021-04-11 14:48
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Was just about to post this :). Isn't this the country that you can get knighted in for a fee?
2021-04-11 14:50
2021-04-11 15:10
Was gonna post this.
2021-04-11 15:24
Portugal H3NR
Antartica and Greenland: exist
2021-04-11 14:48
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Greenland is Danish... Atm at least. And you can't own Antarctica. It is governed internationally through the Antarctic treaty system.
2021-04-11 14:52
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Portugal H3NR
I know. That's why I said it. Antartica is the solution to world peace. There, I said it. Why? It has penguins. Everyone loves penguins.
2021-04-11 14:54
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Your argument is solid. You win
2021-04-11 15:01
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Portugal H3NR
Thanks mens)) have a good day. GL for Heroic (if you support them)
2021-04-11 15:07
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Thank you and i do. And likewise to you :)
2021-04-11 15:08
Wait until 2048 you will see if you cant own Antarctica despite facts that only certain countries has their fields on Antarctica though
2021-04-11 15:09
cause USA would try to bring their own decomracy there.
2021-04-11 14:48
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2021-04-11 14:53
yes more plastic and trash in the ocean, good job portugal.
2021-04-11 14:49
maybe polder on a bit on a bit of Continental shelf that isn't part of a country
2021-04-11 14:56
Czech Republic LidoOP
Somebody saw Rose Island Anyway... to build a country like this you need to be outside of territorial waters of the country they belong to, territorial waters reach about 12 nautical miles (22km) from land, so you would need huge amount of resources to even build pillars on which the platform would sit, then platform itself require insane amount of concrete For single human, it's too much work and money
2021-04-11 14:57
Armenia Yerevan
2021-04-11 15:00
Yeah maybe move the land grabbers from Palestine to that country in the middle of ocean. And then nuke it for good measures ))
2021-04-11 15:13
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Indonesia segopecel
good idea, why dont we do it to all other place. americas and australia can be a good start
2021-04-27 08:07
Weebland - send all the weebs there
2021-04-11 15:16
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