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Fun facts about heroic
Israel blameF_biggest_fan 
Heroic have broken a couple of records with their EPL Season 13 victory 1) Heroic is the first team to have 3 consecutive victories without a single HLTV MVP Their first 2 finals were against ZywOo and third one was against sh1ro and Ax1Le. Never had a chance 2) Heroic is the first team ever to win ESL Pro League with 2 players who have never played EPL before (sjuush and refrezh) Generally, 6/10 finalists were EPL debutants (sjuush, refrezh, nafany, sh1ro, interz, ax1le), that's crazy (EPL Season 1, EPL qualifiers, Oceania/Asia EPL's don't count) 3) Heroic is the worst HLTV-rated team out of all EPL champions. They are #12 in the world
2021-04-12 04:06
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Denmark Virgin_boi
4) They also had GOD HUNDEN as the coach
2021-04-12 04:08
United States daly92
#3 really shows that teamwork and chemistry still matter a lot in todays cs scene compared to individual skill. cool facts!
2021-04-12 04:10
Heroic top 1?
2021-04-12 04:13
5 replies
probably gonna be 9th after this win tbh
2021-04-12 04:22
4 replies
Probably 7ish since vitality and big should fall some
2021-04-12 05:34
3 replies
Big still top 10? Wtf
2021-04-12 06:02
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I mean i dont think so since furia complexity and heroic should rise a good bit
2021-04-12 06:06
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Lets go
2021-04-12 23:25
cadiaN skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up....
2021-04-12 04:22
3 replies
I'll check his pc tomorrow, ok? If there's something wrong i'll rollback the match and give him prison time. I promise to quote you in his sentence and let him know you were the one who alerted us. Thanks!!
2021-04-12 05:22
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Men why olof fans so helpful always.
2021-04-12 06:00
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Brazil Nipon
wow, that's really nice and impressive
2021-04-12 05:23
online cs can do miracles huh
2021-04-12 05:43
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