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U play rocket league?
Brazil DirthShadow 
Someone here play rocket league? I have 100 hours, but this game is very difficult, i'm trash. u r trash too? if no, how i become a proplayer?
2021-04-13 03:00
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Estonia crunchyroll
no, I play games made for REAL men like Sakura Beach
2021-04-13 03:03
2021-04-13 03:01
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Brazil DirthShadow
it doenst work, i try all days platinum 3 here.
2021-04-13 03:04
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100 hours is nothing. I have 700+ and still feel like I'm trash at the game
2021-04-13 07:55
i'm champ 1 but i have around 800 hours. it takes time
2021-04-13 03:10
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Brazil DirthShadow
i have 4 days in my account and im platinum 3, i practice but i cant improve
2021-04-13 03:12
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i was only plat 1 in my first 100 hours so you're already doing great. Learning air control etc simply requires a lot of practice
2021-04-13 03:16
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ty men)
2021-04-13 03:19
no space on laptop
2021-04-13 03:11
Brazil Sketchy200
dont practice lol. i just started and im gold 3, idk maybe im lucky? or maybe im talented? who knows
2021-04-13 03:11
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i started in gold 3 too.
2021-04-13 03:13
United States dckjavis
grand champ 1, it takes a lot of effort and practice. It took me like 1000 hrs to get into champ and another 1000 to get out of champ, so just never give up trying ig best tips I can give for new players are to play with people who are a little better than you, and to watch pro/tutorial vids on important mechanics/gamesense/positioning etc.
2021-04-13 03:26
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tyyy bro
2021-04-13 03:29
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United States dckjavis
np mens
2021-04-13 03:31
i used to play it...but everyone just hogs the ball in every game and i just gave up on it.
2021-04-13 03:30
yess, vruuuuuum ⚽🚗
2021-04-13 03:45
I have like 20 hours and yeah im pretty trash. My controller is also dog shit and the joysticks have like no traction on them
2021-04-13 03:48
I was always curious about carsoccer but I'm tired of team games
2021-04-13 03:53
How are you still that low rank with 100 hours? I have 50 hours and I've been diamond 2.
2021-04-13 04:09
I are also play rocket leaague
2021-04-13 04:11
used to be half decent. hate the game now 0 evolution forever other than a few car mechanics I cant be asked to waste time learning. nothing different about maps which could generate some interest
2021-04-13 04:14
I suck ass, but yeah I do play it. I recently learned how to do the half flip and fast kickoff
2021-04-13 04:24
Brazil batcompany
Fun game. You can play it with 0% of your brain and still make some goals and have fun. I'm stuck on platinum 1 I guess, but I don't play with friends, so I don't see any reason to learn how to play better in this game.
2021-04-13 04:29
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Well if fun is doing complex mechanics and such, then you have an incentive to get better.
2021-04-13 07:45
I have +500h and I'm Diamond III :D I play since 2017 but I stopped playing it for a lot of time.
2021-04-13 04:31
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nice bro
2021-04-13 06:18
I am currently champ 1, playing a long time but this game gets boring after two or three games. Maps are all the same and cars all feel the same even though they vastly look very different (like 70 cars but only 6 different hitboxes)
2021-04-13 06:27
Keep on training but above all, remember to always have fun while playing. Also what I like to do is playing free play in between every game to keep the good vibes up. But if you want to improve you should just boom the ball around in free play and try to recover from whatever moves you do as fast as you can. On top of that you just want to play as much games as you can to learn rotation and positioning Also if you know what good play looks like you can watch your replays and analyze what you could do differently. Have been 1500-1700 mmr for a long while now
2021-04-13 07:42
I am diamond somewhere, still struggle with air control. Also, there is a lot of toxic people.
2021-04-13 07:49
I used to play with my friends but they don't have time so I'm not playing atm I reached platinum 2 or 3 but tbh I was carried, in reality I was gold 3 or platinum 1 at best, and now I'm rusty af so I'm basically gold.
2021-04-13 07:55
used to, mouse+keyboard here, never practiced outside of matchmaking tho, literally never, was champ2-3 in trios, it just takes time
2021-04-13 07:56
bait league
2021-04-15 06:28
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