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Insurgency Sandstorm
Brazil BraziIianKawaii 
After watching this video i wanted to buy this game so bad, does it worth it?
2021-04-14 00:53
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insurgency is pretty fun
2021-04-14 00:57
its okay, but I'd buy it on sale
2021-04-14 00:59
It's ok but optimization is dogshit. Better stick with original insurgency
2021-04-14 01:02
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2021-04-14 01:06
i have the original one but there's no SA servers and i don't like playing lagging in NA, this game has way more people playing
2021-04-14 01:15
NAF | 
Canada Dubsyy
Buy if it's on sale. Game is really really fun though
2021-04-14 01:03
Community thinks they’re real army for playing that game. One of the worst communities I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing
2021-04-14 01:05
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if you expect people to be nice you won't experience good things in life, just ignore them and don't let anyone ruin your experience, i used to have the same exp playing PUBG Lite, i still pretety bad at the game, when i used to play it premades would simply let me die, scream and not share band-aids and drink with me, in this case you just let them implode with anger, just play your game
2021-04-14 01:22
the game is broken, once you pick up weapon there is no way to drop it; only switched for another = unplayable
2021-04-14 01:22
It's like Cod meh. Rather try Squad. Hardcore Battlefield
2021-04-14 02:51
it's pretty trash imo. The first insurgency is way better
2021-04-14 02:58
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