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alright there cadian?
North America chedca2 
2021-04-14 04:24
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Other M@GNU5
He just having a good day
2021-04-14 04:32
2021-04-14 04:33
United Kingdom galaxyv2
2021-04-14 04:38
2021-04-14 04:38 this sus to you as well?
2021-04-14 04:43
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yes at 0:24 he does not have enough info to be orienting his aim in this way IMO
2021-04-14 05:04
that is not normally someone check his pc
2021-04-14 04:48
prolly thought he was one aps? stupid clip
2021-04-14 04:51
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2021-04-14 05:04
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stop talking in third person he didnt even flick on the aps guy regardless, was to the right anyways
2021-04-14 05:05
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sv_cheats 1; weapon_accuracy_nospread 1 will probably show he flicks right at him also if he is fighting the aimbot with his own mouse input this will contribute to what happens with the crosshair on screen
2021-04-14 06:00
oh no he prefired into a wall!
2021-04-14 04:58
if this means hes cheating than people like fallen and shroud and flusha and leaf are confirmed cheaterss in ur brain BUT THEY ARE NOT AND CADIAN SI NOJT
2021-04-14 05:08
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