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Denmark device_overrated 
Why are they still top 2. They've been dogshit since january
2021-04-14 05:47
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ya its over for astralis
2021-04-14 05:49
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Why dont they almost lose points, makes no sense.
2021-04-14 05:53
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Finland Tyk0
In HLTV ranking, you dont lose any points from losses. You only lose points when old wins become too old. Astralis played last year so well that they have a shitload of events boosting their ranking. In a couple of weeks they are surely gonna fall if they dont start succeeding
2021-04-14 08:19
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they should not be top 5
2021-04-24 02:35
Indonesia woooi15
januarty they still good, but now its bad
2021-04-14 05:50
2021-04-14 05:51
HLTV and danish ...........
2021-04-14 05:52
You need to be more active to be able to create new forum topics
2021-04-14 05:53
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what kind of thread did you want to create, ill create one for you
2021-04-14 05:54
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probably waiting to make a bait jessica mildon thread
2021-04-14 06:14
Sweden Stephano123
hltv loves australis
2021-04-14 06:02
They have a 2nd place finish in January which is still included in the rankings.
2021-04-14 06:25
OMG must be because hltv danish 😳🤭😥😡
2021-04-14 08:20
It'll be funny when they smash everyone at the major. Gla1ve mastermind baiting everyone into thinking Astralis is bad.
2021-04-14 08:21
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Argentina Demonark
2021-04-24 02:42
No devve though 😢😢😢
2021-04-24 02:49
Philippines LamiKeyow
That doesn't hide the fact that they won 4 majors back to back. Astralis won more tournaments and just like match making they are purely based off wins and not their skills. I don't know some of these guys here don't see this at all or it's just pure ego.
2021-04-24 02:43
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