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Latvia heywire 
A lot of people say, there won't be a CIS ERA when lan comeback. This might be true, i agree a lot of onliners don't do well on a LAN. But online is a good determiner to find good players, if some suck on LAN of the gambit, spirit and VP guys, you can basically take the well playing players and still make a superteam.
2021-04-15 01:36
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Iceland caverat
online era*
2021-04-15 01:38
Denmark pebblez
Well a CIS super team will never happen because of CIS buyouts.
2021-04-15 01:39
Russia VelsVivard
It's such a silly excuse for clueless bystanders, if a team is good and well brought up, it will be good in both on and offline setting.
2021-04-15 01:42
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Latvia heywire
i believe they will all play the same they play like online but i think the former tier 1 teams will have higher motivation when lan comebacks. Just incase there's so much talent in CIS even if some of the players sucked we have gained massively new talent anyways.
2021-04-15 01:45
navi have shit T side. gambit will probably drop a bit. Spirit will shoot heads so I guess less hs. Yekindar wont be nearly as good
2021-04-15 01:45
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