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RPK is not the problem
Sweden SaveSweden 
Kicking RPK won't solve a thing. At least not when it comes to the real problems this team has. RPK is a solid anchor, almost always good for 2 kills while on his own on the ct side. Now I realize, his recent individual performances might've not been the best, but that's the same for the whole squad basically. The problem here is apex. And I'm not a hater, but it's a fact. His T side calling is so... I don't even know how to describe it. Nothing makes sense. There's nothing new and Vitality often gets stuck due to doing the same stuff over and over again, resulting in them tilting. Overpass today is a great example. They get off to a good start, and then max and try started shutting them down time and time again with vitality barely getting a frag while going A. So Vitality does a B hit on the eco / halfbuy, perfect, misutaa wins the round in a 3 on 5 postplant. What does apex call after that? 3 more A hits in a row or something like that, where they didn't stand a chance in any single one. They get stuck onto the same ideas round after round, map after map. It's almost like apex is sitting there thinking ''This time I'll get you motherfucker''. And then he starts to tilt / mald. It's pathetic. I'm not a hater but this goes for so many of their t sides. They only win if zywoo or Shox pop off. RPK seemed like the only one not going completely bananas in hectic / stressfull situations. I would've tried to get Alex back at this point if he was willing to, or bring NBK. I don't know if there's some french drama between these players but I'll just ignore that. Get NBK or Kio, bring some fresh ideas and fresh headshots. NBK brings a great athmostphere to any team I feel like, same goes with kio. I'm not saying my replacements here are the only options, but that's not what I'm after here either. My issue is that apex gets to stay while RPK is the one to go. TL;DR: Apex has to go, unfortunately.
2021-04-16 01:59
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team's atmosphere looks quite bad
2021-04-16 02:01
ropz | 
Finland kurtits
i dont think they ever thought he was a problem, just the fact that hes old as hell and generally doesnt have much potential anymore is the reason why they should be replacing him with someone younger
2021-04-16 02:02
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Sure I get that, but main point still stands, apex has to be replaced in my eyes.
2021-04-16 02:07
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ropz | 
Finland kurtits
yes, but only ALEX is a candidate for replacing him, and with his achievements on cloud9 being near to none i really doubt they will replace apex with him. also, apex wasnt the problem when vitality were top1, so not sure whats happened now for that to be the case
2021-04-16 02:09
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well when they were number 1 Zywoo was playing far far better and so was shox, now the individuals are shitting the bed, seeing how poor vitality are
2021-04-16 02:11
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true but also their calls and strategies were much better and just worked unlike now
2021-04-16 02:20
Wrong. There are other options. The french scene has to stop thinking backwards, give a new player some responsability. Just look at aleksib for example. The guy is a top 3 IGL in the world, at his age that's super impressive. Had he not been given the chance to do that in ENCE, they wouldn't have peeked at no.2 in the rankings. Same with Golden, and many others. There are more options you just have to take a chance or a calculated risk, whatever you'd like to call it. NBK has said he'd like to transition into an ingameleader role these final years of his career if I remember correctly. Give him the fucking chance at this point. There are more than one option, I just hope they actually grab one of those options instead of going with the current one, which obviously isn't working.
2021-04-16 02:13
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i agree with you but i personally dont know a single french igl (apart from alex) that would be a better option than apex although if vitality were able to get nbk in and have him igl, that would be exciting
2021-04-16 02:18
Although I do think that Alex is a very good option, not denying that.
2021-04-16 02:16
But on this provess apex and shox Will deopntoo
2021-04-16 02:27
Egypt BomberMan_
XTQZZ keeps gambling on these aimers hoping they can frag out and he can mold them to be good. He should have kept ALEX as it was the second best piece on the team and they need a strong IGL. idk why he wanted to kick rpk when shox has been sub par for ages now. NBK is not a good IGL at all and he has tried many times.
2021-04-16 02:03
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NBK has tried a few times, and it was quite long ago. He was co-calling in OG and according to aleksi, he was great. As I said, the replacement for apex might not be clear as daylight, but I feel like any change regarding ingameleadership is good for this team.
2021-04-16 02:09
Shox and apex always tilting))))
2021-04-16 02:03
Apex is the problem. And he realizes that nobody would like to play with him given his toxicity and malding, thats why he has created himself in a power position along with xqtz by promising the Vitality org that he is gonna get max results out of the lineup. And hence they listen to what apex suggest regarding removal or benching of the players.
2021-04-16 02:07
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I don't know how you look at apex as your voice of promise, he's been such a hateable person from all the interaction I've seen of him
2021-04-16 02:11
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Its no fun to be playing with a cry baby igl tbh
2021-04-16 02:49
2021-04-16 02:12
I hope you saw Apex raging and screaming after the deagle 4k @nuke and the second clutch on overpass. He was screaming like a child. How does that even help? He's an emotional IGL, that never works. Check out, in comparison, Gla1ve. He loses and barely makes a face, he just starts calling the shots like the round was forgotten. Yea, everyone slams the desk once in a while (i'm looking at you, Krimz), but Apex is childish.
2021-04-16 02:14
+1 true
2021-04-16 02:22
United States Frotha
If almost always got 2 kills as a n anchor he would have a ,58kpr rating lol
2021-04-16 02:25
China L1bramtaR
with the best player+best lurker in the world and still play like this i would say apex is the real evil genius ?
2021-04-16 02:53
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No one is allowed to be called King of Lurks except for two guys: GtR and Snax. Just like Xyp9x is the only Clutch Minister.
2021-04-16 03:22
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