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Snappi on Zywoo vs s1mple
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Norway non_radical_leftist_guy It's 3 weeks old so maybe people have seen it already, but I hadn't. Is this the first pro player to give a full on take like this on Zywoo vs s1mple? I found it kinda interesting to hear his opinion about them.
2021-04-16 13:17
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more like 0.9nappi
2021-04-16 13:19
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Bosnia and Herzegovina xdkeroo
2021-04-16 13:24
Still a pro player better than 99.99% of CS players
2021-04-17 08:28
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+1 and he's a IGL as well
2021-05-02 09:45
snappi top3 2021 :)
2021-04-16 13:19
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2021-04-16 13:21
Denmark pebblez
+1, great take from Snappi and 100% true, only fools and the delusional s1mple defence league think ZywOo is set up more.
2021-04-16 13:21
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2021-04-16 13:30
+1 Milkwoo goat
2021-05-02 09:59
All I hear from when he says ZywOo takes more risky plays and plays more for the team is that they have to rely on him less to frag and put up numbers so they can use him differently. Interesting though but you can find flaws in it
2021-04-16 13:25
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Idk, that's not how I interpreted that. Pretty sure he says that it's impressive that he is able to put up the same numbers as s1mple while playing a lot more for the team and having worse roles
2021-04-16 13:27
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Well if ZywOo is being more risky and s1mple is more passive which is debatable tbh I’m not sure I agree. Then all it means is that vitality can afford to have a player that’s a little more of an IGL’s player and not s1mple who is as far as I know crucial to the late round
2021-04-16 13:28
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I don't know why you're formulating it like that "Vitality can AFFORD having him play like that" though. If anything, how Zywoo plays is BETTER for the team. It's more like Na'Vi CAN AFFORD having s1mple play less for the team and more for himself.
2021-04-16 13:36
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+1 overall and this
2021-04-24 03:54
tbf snappi said vp is the most tactically sound team in 2018 or smth
2021-04-16 13:25
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+1 lol I remember this xD
2021-04-16 13:31
2021-04-16 21:15
Netherlands JUNG13
I saw Snappi with R8 Revolver equipped on T side so I ain't taking this guy seriously
2021-04-16 13:44
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r8 is strong wdym
2021-04-16 23:17
Stopped reading at 'Is this the first pro player'
2021-04-17 07:38
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Are you so salty about this that you wont acknowledge that Snappi is a professional CSGO player?
2021-04-17 07:57
It's true. I've always said that S1mple is more better than Zyw0o when it comes down to aim, but Zyw0o is over all better because he's a team player like device. Also S1mple baiter :D
2021-04-17 07:43
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2021-05-02 09:56
s1mple is a monster, not more to say
2021-04-17 07:43
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2021-04-17 07:59
i think he meant "zywoo allows for more star players to play" so zywoo and simple can be in same team considering zywoo plays entry and team player? it will be nuts to see them play under great igl though.. imagine a lineup with s1mple,zywoo,elec,aixle,glaive(igl)?
2021-04-17 07:54
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yea he basically said zywoo takes bad roles and sacrifices more for the team. while s1mple takes up more space, so it's harder to have more star players on the same team as s1mple
2021-04-24 03:51
Argentina atriX^
I think the whole playing for his team needs to be taken in a somewhat different direction. It's not that ZywOo plays for his team and s1mple does not (or at least to the same extent), it's that Vitality requests ZywOo to do those kinds of things whereas NAVI prefers to have s1mple as a more late-round player. So, on one hand, Vitality wants ZywOo to go for early plays while NAVI wants s1mple to go for the late plays. It's not really the players' choice and that one is more willing to sacrifice for the team than the other. All this says more about the IGLing and coaching from both teams than the actual players. Now, I'm sure that if NAVI were to tell s1mple to go for those risky plays to give his team more space, he'd do it. He gave away the AWP when NAVI decided to bring back GuardiaN again. s1mple cares about stats and cares about being top1, but he cares more about his team winning and lifting the trophies.
2021-04-17 08:14
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How do you know what goes on inside their team? How do you know who is making these decisions?
2021-04-17 08:20
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Argentina atriX^
I don't. I just know what I see. I see not only how ZywOo and s1mple play but how their teammates play tactically. I've seen moments when s1mple had to sacrifice something because his team asks him to (like the example of giving away the AWP to GuardiaN). I've seen multiple matches from not that long ago where s1mple took a more supportive approach (dropping pistols and buying nades in pistols and whatnot). I also go by the logic that mainly the coach and IGL decide how to use each player. If s1mple decides what he is going to do within the team then it's another problem entirely. Of course, players have valuable inputs but ultimately coaching decides what to do. I know it's just his word, but as a NAVI fan, I've heard him talk about it multiple times. What he wants the most is for his team to win and he'll do whatever the team needs him to do. This does not change what Snappi said. He analyzes the demos of both players and concludes that for him, ZywOo taking space for his team and allowing for more stars to play is more valuable than s1mple playing more defensive and setting himself up for late-round. Regardless of what Vitality and NAVI choose to do with these two great players, most people seem to miss that they are two sides of the same coin. ZywOo takes space for his team and allows teammates to close the round. s1mple's teammates take space for the overall team and set up s1mple for closing the round. If ZywOo's teammates can't close the round, Vitality fails. If s1mple's teammates cannot take space and open the round, NAVI fails. Multiple rounds have been won due to ZywOo taking so much space and opening the round for his team and just as many have been won by s1mple clutching or making important late-round plays. Two sides of the same coin.
2021-04-17 08:48
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The reason why Zywoo plays like he does now is because his team is bad.
2021-05-02 09:39
hahahahaha 09nappi saying something
2021-05-02 09:58
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You realize there is a thing called IGL right ?
2021-05-02 10:00
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yeah and his team is so bad with his calls hahahaha
2021-05-02 10:07
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Hahahah!!! Wow! 100% the igl fault that ence r losing
2021-05-02 10:09
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yes he is always bottom tab
2021-05-02 10:10
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u are so smart bro :D
2021-05-02 10:13
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u are not :)
2021-05-02 10:13
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dw, you're really smart man. like a genius. never let any hater tell you that youre dumb. youre insanely smart
2021-05-02 10:14
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2021-05-02 10:15
snappi has never won anything
2021-05-02 10:16
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