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Keiti wtf
Jonji | 
Nigeria PijanyStary what the actual fuck? glad that she got kicked from c9
2021-04-16 23:28
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Sri Lanka w7tv
who? c9 org 0 dollars inc
2021-04-16 23:29
keiti pls gtfo out of esports
2021-04-16 23:30
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*wants to become friends* "hey imma leak your nudes so i can become friends with you"
2021-04-16 23:32
keiti is hot
2021-04-16 23:34
Norway TheDEA
2021-04-16 23:32
2021-04-16 23:34
Nudes are a mortal sin
2021-04-16 23:35
so basically this guy wanted to be friends with her, and to do that, he threatened her with leaking nudes, then confessed to it I mean respect for confessing to it, but that doesn't do much
2021-04-16 23:35
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she*... she*... she*... She*...
2021-04-16 23:53
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Poland morosek
Doesn't matter if it's a he or she, that's a fucked up thing
2021-04-16 23:56
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of course, i totally agree. you dont have to be transphobic tho, it's like how you don't have to call every black person who does something wrong the n word.
2021-04-16 23:58
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Poland morosek
I'm not trying to sound transphobic. There is a reason why some people are mad since IF that would be a guy who blackmailed that poor woman, damn, he would get canceled. But because keiti is a transwoman (correct me if I called her wrong) she got a "support" from her fans and that's simple double standards and I'm against it. Calling she a he it just a cheap way to make a hateful comment, I don't support it. Yet there is no way to force someone to stop doing that.
2021-04-17 00:05
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I mean,,, i guess there's no way to force someone to stop doing that but like... so? I can still tell him to stop. It's transphobic and harmful to people beyond just Keiti. But +1 you are reasonable
2021-04-17 06:10
You can’t force your beliefs onto anyone, and it’s not comparable to the analogy you made. I don’t say he because of this event of doing something wrong, I’d say he regardless because it’s a guy.
2021-04-17 00:24
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Estonia simondoggo
2021-04-17 00:54
Do you check people's genitals whenever you meet them to make sure they aren't "lying?"
2021-04-17 06:10
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Trans mtf typically have the most obvious voices as a tell Also only people in that community actually care to introduce themselves by pronoun, otherwise they'd let people make the assumption Also if someone tells you their label is trans, that automatically invalidates the argument of being a regular man or woman and is an immediate tell
2021-04-17 07:58
You can call me she and i won't give a fuck just like most people. Stop making everything which is different such a touchy subject.
2021-04-17 04:00
Yugoslavia Khmzbg
Never understood ppl who send nudes then cry when its leaked
2021-04-16 23:39
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Ecuador Ageless
+1 its the internet, even if u send them to 1 person they are “public” now, cry is free lmao
2021-04-17 02:47
Lebanon Dogman69
I can't find any logic in this
2021-04-16 23:39
Portugal H3NR
Wtf lmao????
2021-04-16 23:40
nudes always get people in trouble, tip of the day: they cant leak something you dont have :)
2021-04-16 23:42
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Lebanon Dogman69
bro, its 2021, nudes are mandatory in relationships
2021-04-16 23:44
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yeah if you want a webgirlfriend. The only excuse I can think of to send nudes recently would be the pandemic situation
2021-04-16 23:56
no fkn way hahaha
2021-04-17 03:00
No lol
2021-04-17 04:35
2021-04-16 23:50
So ''keiti'' is fucked up in the head? who would've thought 🙄
2021-04-17 00:13
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Estonia mr_abdul
2021-04-17 00:30
Ecuador Ageless
2021-04-17 02:47
2021-04-18 10:40
North America joeS
feelsbad for fl0m man. I can just imagine people are probably in his chat asking about it all day.
2021-04-17 01:59
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United States keebler
2021-04-17 04:11
ok how do u get ur nudes leaked in the first place? like who are u sending this shit to? why are u taking pictures of urself naked regardless?
2021-04-17 02:29
triple WHO who is the person who sent nudes? who is keiti? who cares?
2021-04-17 02:31
2021-04-17 02:32
Transgender lul Valorant even more lul. Always got drama in that game lol
2021-04-17 03:03
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More like always drama with transgenders.
2021-04-18 10:38
just tranny things
2021-04-17 04:01
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2021-04-18 10:39
Lesson: Never send nudes with your face in it. Always maintain plausible deniability.
2021-04-17 05:22
someone link the leaked nudes
2021-04-17 11:04
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They weren't leaked smh read things
2021-04-18 09:44
2021-04-17 22:36 what the f girls are messed up This is why HLTV community is clean and the best <3
2021-04-17 23:18
The man just wanted to be frens and have some pussy... Why you gotta trash on him so hard?
2021-04-17 23:24
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Lmao xd
2021-04-18 09:43
Question is why she even wants to be a friend with a girl. If you changed your gender from male to female then fuck guys or get fucked by them. I feel like a girl so I switch to that but I will still fuck girls because I have penis, acting like a girl and having tits is just a bonus. Sounds funny.
2021-04-18 10:42
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The guy thought he cheated life ;) jk
2021-04-18 10:46
lol maybe he saw the nudes and got horny? then he started regretting why he even become a girl, so he wanted to mess the girl's life to calm his regret. 100% deserved to be kicked out of a professional team. who would want such wierdos, imagine keeping him in cloud9 and in future he blackmails the c9 ceo to leak how valulrant lineup is using aderall , or leak how they matchfixed a major win.
2021-04-18 10:47
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