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What happens if kyojin is a flop?
Australia Frogmin 
I don't want to seem pedantic or overly critical of kyojin because in reality I've never really seen him play official matches, nor have I really ever seen him play much at all. I get with me not being a fan of vitality it's easy to brush the bloke off and scrutinise before he's even played without caring to much but I genuinely want to ask. What if the guy is an absolute flop despite XTQZZZ idea of having a team built upon young talent. I know RPK was underperforming but he had a decent brand behind him and was loved by most of the community, and furthermore he at least had a tonne of tier 1 experience. Bringing in young talent is fantastic but mainly when it's a transition from a "youngsters" or "academy" team, rather than just a call up to the highest level of counter strike. If this guy is just all aim no brain it could either be potent or just an absolute calamity for a team that is already in dire straights. Again -and off the top of my head I don't know a lot- I don't recall there being many decent french players who aren't washed up and ready to compete in tier 1 besides like NBK or something. Either way full credit to the bloke if he's a success story, this isn't a hate thread at all just a long list of hypotheticals and so long as this guy is a good successor to someone like RPK I guess a lot of people will sleep soundly or some shit idk. KEY POINTS (I fucking hate TL;DR but I know you can read dot points) -XTQZZZ has a real strong emphasis on creating a team with young talent. -Removing someone like RPK to make space for Kyojin places a lot of pressure on kyojin -Kyojin doesn't have nearly as much T1 experience as RPK so it's a slight possibility that the guy could just underperform due to a failure to adapt to the competitive setting. -Kyojin is getting a haphazard call-up to vitality, he hasn't transitioned from an academy squad and that is a significant jump
2021-04-17 04:47
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Give them some time
2021-04-17 04:48
Australia Frogmin
sorry for formatting didn't realise the bottom half would be that shit, have fun getting a free stroke
2021-04-17 04:50
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North America 007DBR9
2021-04-17 05:06
United States irony_irony
good post love you, i guess it's all speculation and we would just have to wait for their first match and hope to see signs of life
2021-04-17 04:52
We don't know yet, but if kyojin is a flop then its probably Nivera to replace him, perhaps Nivera even get the permanent spot
2021-04-17 04:56
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