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Why FURIA always pick mirage?
coldzera | 
Brazil fer_is_overrated 
2021-04-17 18:40
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Sweden Stephano123
mirage best map
2021-04-17 18:41
fast end
2021-04-17 18:41
Brazil 2de
just like g2 picking dust2, makes no sense, im sure gambit would even consider picking it
2021-04-17 18:42
Brazil rauni90001
Dunno, it's hard not to beat Furia on Mirage when u can exploit three of their players [junior, art and kscerato].
2021-04-17 18:42
Cuz it's map for weebs like ArT
2021-04-17 18:44
To lose as quickly as possible
2021-04-17 18:47
Canada reeeZ75
they used to dominate it when they when they were in NA and they still think thats the case
2021-04-17 18:49
I mean to be fair, look at the teams they were up against. Lost to Gambit and Heroic, who are probably the top 2 teams currently, beat and lost Navi, who on a good day beat anyone anywhere, and VP are no slouches either. Only matchup that is questionable is EG which was close, so maybe just bad day.
2021-04-17 18:50
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Yes, but they have a solid train and vertigo, not saying Mirage is their worst map, but is far from their best
2021-04-17 18:52
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The problem is that we never know how much a team has practiced in between tournaments. They may have put a lot of time into the map and feel confident, or they think that Gambit have a weak point on the map since they got demolished pretty badly by Heroic on Mirage. Train potentially would be a good idea, Vertigo not so much considering Gambit won 16-3 against Heroic on the map :D
2021-04-17 18:54
Brazil yakd
They always have been good on mirage, can overrun people as t's and their ct agression worked in the past. The problem is they dont realize people know what they will do, they are being read. Hope they change some positions
2021-04-17 18:53
They won NaVi only cuz they had "perfect" T-side. As I remember it was 10-5 in NaVi's favour after 1st half. Overall Furia's Mirage strats are art runs with AK --> he dies / makes double entry --> round lost / won
2021-04-17 18:57
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