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lazy content
Brollan | 
Sweden Nappev its literally just rehashing old clips, saying it was different from game to game, mroe highlights, then "oh and theres a SG 553" it just gives you nothing. its like watching an episode of the kardashion hosue or something.
2021-04-18 05:23
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2021-04-18 05:28
did you watch the entire episode? smh
2021-04-18 05:29
You know those videos are made for silvers
2021-04-18 05:32
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+1 as is the case for most cs content online tbh
2021-04-18 05:39
man its the score esports. 100% of their cs content is just Thorin/RL work or videos
2021-04-18 05:40
I feel bad they made a lot of very good vids but now they're out of stories and content so they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel
2021-04-18 05:41
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