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betting on blast forbidden on my book
Dosia | 
Europe eu_citizen88542 
It seems weird to me that I can not bet on csgo blast matches but other csgo leagues. Why is that?
2021-04-18 12:38
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Ireland JesuSenia
Cause youre betting on a shitty site
2021-04-18 12:39
keep betting keep maliding, also your flair found some success I heard lately.
2021-04-18 12:39
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+1 xaxaxa
2021-04-18 18:23
too scared to say it?
2021-04-18 18:24
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yeah mens(( I fear no one, but those mods they give me chills even in summers. :'(
2021-04-18 18:28
2021-04-18 18:26
anyone else?
2021-04-18 18:22
Why do you bet? It's a waste of money
2021-04-18 18:23
they doing u a favour
2021-04-18 18:24
Don't bet. Quit now!
2021-04-18 18:25
Maybe it’s a sign you should stop betting
2021-04-18 18:28
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