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Adjusting RMR places
FinigaN | 
United Kingdom tank6123 
I feel that it is ridiculous that the number of places that a region gets is based on a major that happened to years ago. No way does NA deserve 5 places, let allow 3 places straight to the final (legends). Meanwhile the cis has 6 or 7 teams that should under normal circumstances reach the major, (keep in mind that had the major happened in 2020 Gambit, number 1 in the world would only have come 6th and not even attended the major) Ex-winstrike and forze would beat any NA team (excluding the top 3) and they have very little chance of qualifying, Gambit, NAVI, spirit and VP are all top their teams, and yet there are only 2 legands slots allocated to the CIS region TL;DR CIS needs, no, deserves more/ better slots for the Stockholm major.
2021-04-19 16:24
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There's no other way to distribute the places so just wait for next major
2021-04-19 16:25
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just ajust for the NA teams who left then spread these to other regions
2021-04-19 16:26
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But only MIBR left afaik
2021-04-19 16:28
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100T, gen g
2021-04-19 16:53
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Extremum is there, gen.g wasn't at major
2021-04-19 16:57
ZywOo | 
France PqSxd
2021-04-19 16:28
Forze, proving me right rn
2021-04-19 16:32
k1to | 
Finland R3ALMM
2 cis teams can make it to the major. Na'Vi and VP. Rest are huge onliners
2021-04-19 16:34
honestly the places are balanced. CIS only have 4 great teams (Navi, Gambit, VP, Spirit) that have potential in the major, and there is one spot for a random tier 2 to qualify. Same for NA, there are 4 spots and 3 good teams (Liuqid, FURIA, EG)
2021-04-19 16:37
United States Killerhawk
To be fair talking in retrospect before the pandemic there were more uprising teams in geng and 100 thieves. It is only now that CIS teams are doing better, if the spots were to be adjusted then it wouldn't make sense to just change every time based on who's doing good? It makes no sense to change it based on the now
2021-04-19 17:11
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