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suddenly so many cheaters in CSGO
Kyrgyzstan Nixon_Ended_Gold_Standard 
Spinbotters everywhere. 3 games in a row. I try not to give them the satisfaction of killing me , so I molotov myself but twats go in it and then I get kicked for killing teammates, also I got kicked for suiciding too many times and how have a 1 day ban. nice
2021-04-19 16:37
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Serves you right for playing a hopeless dead game.
2021-04-19 16:38
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flag, flair and name checks out
2021-04-19 16:40
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not rly. xplain
2021-04-19 16:40
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I guess he meant: Na scene is dying
2021-04-19 16:44
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dead already
2021-04-19 16:45
NA dead and you as a Conservative think that video games cause violence
2021-04-19 16:52
na cs was never alive in the first place
2021-04-19 18:32
Finland Homeless776
Haha idot
2021-04-19 16:38
Brazil vittj2
why are you wasting your time on 64tick servers tho?
2021-04-19 16:38
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plus bad anti-cheat and no overtimes smh
2021-04-19 16:43
Lithuania sennce
FaceIT is just as bad if not worse lmfao
2021-04-19 16:50
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shhh let him live his fantasy
2021-04-19 16:53
cool but dont blame it on germans
2021-04-19 16:39
perk  | 
Finland eIe
Dont grief so you dont get trash trust factor
2021-04-19 16:40
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never did. never got any for ages. somethign is wrong with vac and overwatch, 0 overwatch bans in the past 3 months
2021-04-19 16:42
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
wtf didnt you already post this
2021-04-19 16:40
United States urm@m
Thats what happens when you play MM and make CSGO free for all the russians/germans.
2021-04-19 16:40
free to play ruined it why do i, with my 2k hours, get matched with someone who has 600 hours and has just only hit prime
2021-04-19 16:45
you got low trust factor for griefing... at this point you might as well just play on 3rd party bcs you will only queue with cheaters and griefers
2021-04-19 16:49
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didn't grief
2021-04-19 16:54
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Tk(technically) and suiciding multiple times is griefing
2021-04-19 17:06
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well that's bullshit what options do I have? faceit?
2021-04-19 17:09
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Faceit probably is the best option in europe,you have esea and esportal too,but if you don't want to install an intrusive anti cheat you can alternatively create another account and pass your skins to it or grind an good trust factor in casuals
2021-04-19 17:24
What do you expect when even the pros are cheating
2021-04-19 16:53
I somehow hardly every face hackers in matchmaking lol. Wonder why you face so many ;)
2021-04-19 18:12
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only in the past 2 months rumours are overwatch has stopped working
2021-04-19 18:27
overwatch has not been working since last year lol trust factor broken 64 tick 3rd party is even worse full of ego players who are actually silver
2021-04-19 18:29
I noticed the same in dangerzone out of all places. Until last week everything was fine, like 1-2 cheaters out of 20games. But during last weekend / now pretty much 1 cheater in every lobby?
2021-04-19 18:31
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