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Tips to improve performance?
Brazil HeenDrix 
My friend has a i7 4790k an gtx 980 16gb of ram but his fps in cs is way lower than mine, (i7 4790 non-k gtx 1060 16gb ram) he recently formated his pc and it didnt get better,any tip guys?
2021-04-19 16:54
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maybe he is using a higher resolution than you, and also check his video settings on csgo vs yours
2021-04-19 16:56
Too little peace of information, maybe your friend just a lamer.
2021-04-19 16:57
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He needs RX 570 for good fps))
2021-05-08 08:11
Brazil batcompany
Things I would check if I found myself in this situation: thermals, then video config (check if multicore rendering is turned off), then check for any background processes stealing CPU usage.
2021-04-19 16:59
Csgo is gpu based game so better gpu makes more difference than a better cpu
2021-04-19 18:21
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Brazil HeenDrix
i've heard the other way around,csgo is heavily cpu
2021-04-19 19:06
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False,cpu games are those city games which requires cpu render to run smoothly.All those fps games are gpu based.Maps in csgo aren't big.
2021-04-19 19:11
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Brazil HeenDrix
I just did some research and its indeed cpu bound mate
2021-04-19 19:27
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Brazil HeenDrix
even linus on linus tech tips uses csgo to benchmark cpu
2021-04-19 19:27
download process lasso and disable core 0 or something like that made my fps go +50-100
2021-04-19 19:08
look if cpu or gpu is under locked (maybe because of high temperatures so check them)
2021-04-19 19:11
disabling uber shaders gave like +100 fps to my friend
2021-04-19 19:14
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