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funspark stream
k0nfig | 
North America wintur 
why does it look so bad
2021-04-19 17:52
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Colors are bad and observing is very bad Hud is not the best either showing hs% over k/d?? Come on
2021-04-19 17:55
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KD ADR and HS% are all there lol rest looks absolute trash with the weird color filter over the video and the ugliest hud since
2021-04-19 17:58
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Damn got way to little sleep last night I see kd Perhaps I didn't see it because usually u don't get the ratio, but just the numbers :)
2021-04-19 18:01
China production, what u expect.... still watchable
2021-04-19 17:55
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Finland DTeeVee
ukraine production better ?
2021-04-19 17:58
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probably china is 20 years behind if we're talking production
2021-04-19 17:59
Norway thenewdagon
bro this shit is actually so bad
2021-04-19 17:57
They did the qualifiers and regionals so well, how can they manage to fuck up on the main event edit: relog and ucc did the previous ones, this is some shitty chinese organizer
2021-04-19 18:00
orignal hud but its a chinese bootleg
2021-04-19 18:03
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