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ALEX overrated
Czech Republic KOKOT12345678 
ALEX only played in t1 in Vitality for a bit over half a year before joining c9. During that whole time Vitality they had XTQZZZ as their coach. Now when Apex became the coach of Vitality, XTQZZZ is praised for the leadership instead of Apex. Why is apex not considered a great igl and ALEX is? What has Vitality achieved with Alex? They've only been in the top 3 for like 3 months and it was during Zywoo's peak.
2021-04-19 20:25
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Romania HSQ
Didn't ask g .
2021-04-19 20:26
+1 ALEX is overrated as hell
2021-04-19 20:26
ALEX underrated because of people like you saying he is overrated :D
2021-04-19 20:27
1 reply He must be the most expensive underrated player that has ever played cs.
2021-04-19 20:28
United States daly92
pretty sure this was established during the c9 roster... dont think anyone overrates him anymore
2021-04-19 20:28
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C9 did really well for what they were. Compare them to a team like OG who had bigger names and did equally as little. NBK - Veteran player and brings so much to the team. Can fill really well if not best fill player in CSGO history. Mantuu - Upcomer but pretty solid awper. Valde - Amazing anchor does alot more than the stats show for OG Issa - Okay issa wasnt great In comparison C9 was Es3tag - Played 3 different roles in 6 months Mezii - Literally a tier 3 player before C9. Actually one of their better players funnily enough. Floppy - Uncoming NA player not a star yet had a lot of growing to do but is still young so in the future couldve been good. Xeppa - Same concept as Floppy Alex did an amazing job at even being able to compete against top teams. Yes they usually lost but all it took was a real awper and they couldve easily been a contender for top 10. Yes if they had these players they couldve been a top 10 team. Find me one other IGL that has brought up such little firepower to compete - Mezii - Xeppa OR Floppy - Es3tag - Alex - AWPER
2021-04-20 16:24
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2021-04-20 16:52
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Alex did same as OG with worse players. No one hates on Aleksib but when Alex is in similar situation he gets more shit.
2021-04-20 16:55
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i didnt shit on him, i said hes overrated
2021-04-20 20:09
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"Why is apex not considered a great igl and ALEX is? What has Vitality achieved with Alex? They've only been in the top 3 for like 3 months and it was during Zywoo's peak." Alex is a great IGL. He went into Vitality took Apex, RPK and Shox 3 legends of the game in career worst forms to 3 championships 2 runners up and another 2 quarters within a year. Then you have the audacity to say they were only top 3 for 3 months. Where the fuck are Vitality now. When Alex was in the team it was brand new. It took him 5 months to break into the top 5 with a completely new lineup. How long did it take Apex to break into the top 5 as IGL, 4 months. Then lets look at the fact that Vitality are 13th in the worlds, the worst they have ever been since breaking into the top 10 originally. Alex never let them slump so low? Apex lasted 1 year as an IGL and it seems he has ran out of ideas. So yeh maybe Alex didnt get them to Number 1 (keeping in mind they have a way different lineup) but he never let them sink. Also the reason they didnt get rank 1 was mostly down to Apex and Shox being in worst career form, NBK disagreeing with the leadership style of Alex. RPK wasnt really great at the time either. Ofcourse they never did well. Its the same situation as C9, Alex did an amazing job to even get into top 5. He was not far behind Zywoo in the impact department (NOT FRAG WISE). Vitality had no right being top 5 when 3 of the 5 players are playing at a poor individual level. Now look at Vitality they are individually playing alot better -complete and utter slump of the lineup
2021-04-20 22:32
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2021-04-21 19:36
Finland tonzka_hoo
Wtf you are talking about? XDD OG was a top 10 team for almost half a year, while c9 barely got to top 20. Their story is so different you can't compare them. C9 used millions to that team so you can't say that they didn't have the resources to buy "big names". Es3tag, Xeppaa and Floppy showed their firepower in their previous teams so that shouldn't have been a problem. They just never have the chance to use it. OG csgo was built from scratch by NBK and Aleksib, they didn't even have a coach in the beginning. With Aleksi's leadership OG managed to grow as a team, something that ALEX and c9 failed to do. Sometimes it feels c9 tried to skip that part with some $$$ No hate towards c9 or any of their players (es3tag bestest) but you're delusional if you don't think that "colossus" was a disaster.
2021-04-20 22:47
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Okay we will start with the money thing. The amount C9 spent was actually not alot for a CSGO team. You just dont know how much other teams are paying. Both Thooorin and Richard Lewis have came out and said fucking Extremum a way worse team than C9 are being paid substantially more its just C9 came out and stated salaries all the other orgs are too pussy too. So the money C9 spent they definitely were over successful and legit 1 roster move of a top team. They needed to replace Xeppa or Floppy for a real awper. Then you wanna talk about OG from scratch... wtf so were C9, the difference is OG had no time limit to be put together. HenryG had 3 weeks for the Flashpoint roster lockin. So they didnt get alot of their first choices. So the fact OG was from scratch is nothing in comparison. Also Xeppa never showed his firepower. He just played really well against tier 2 NA. TIER 2 NA IS NOTHING LIKE Top 20 teams in the world. To put it into perspective no NA team outside Liquid and EG and Extra Salt is top 30 (And personally feel extra salt are ranked too high they should be below Dig) Cloud 9 was not a disaster the biggest mistake they ever made was announcing the salaries. They never would have had nearly as much shit if you thought ah well they only have tier 2 NA players (The 2 worst on the roster btw) and then an unknown UK player who was actually over performing way above his level and then Alex and Es3tag. They over achieved. C9 should never have been able to have close maps let alone win them vs top 10 teams
2021-04-20 23:07
-1 ALEX was close to having many good runs with C9 but they always fell short. If woxic wasnt so shit C9 would be top 10, and without woxic and es3tag being a swiss knife doing whatever role C9 were consistently improving and were basically the best worst team. Close to beating NaVi in 2 maps, beating Furia who got top 4 in the same tournament. Vitality are still living and dying by Zywoo, and will probably drop out of top 10. ALEX was their second best player
2021-04-19 20:28
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"ALEX was their second best player" You might be right about him being the second best player but that doesn't mean much.
2021-04-19 20:33
11 replies Every Tournament they won ALEX was more likely than not their second star behind Zywoo (sometimes he was slightly outperformed by Apex/shox, but he was the igl). He had his fair share of poor tournaments, but he was the man who stepped up big when Vitality needed him unlike shox for example or NBK at moments.
2021-04-19 20:37
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Only relevant number 1 places they got he had 1.23, 1.15 and 1.10 rating, 1 is really good but 2 are just decent. "He was the igl" I'm refering to that in the opening comment. Vitality were playing well in 2020, but its xtqzzz who is getting praise instead of apex, why wasn't it the same with alex?
2021-04-19 20:50
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apex was never an igl other than on a single map in G2 in like 2018. ALEX if I remember got a decent amount of praise and did the best job imo. The biggest mistake if anything was bringing in shox who took ages to get good. btw ALEX never had XTQZZZ other than in freezetime unlike now in online where APEX could get way more help. C9 barely had 3 months with their current squad and they were getting good wins and taking maps off every team basically. 3 fucking months
2021-04-19 20:52
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"Apex could get..." could? Your main argument is an assumption. "c9 barely... blablabla" So apex could be getting help from the coach but alex couldnt?
2021-04-19 20:54
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apex got more help with calling from the coach as coaching were allowed to speak the whole time unlike in 2019 with LANs making it so coaches can only speak during freeze time. You are acting as if this assumption is a bad one and that it is very unlikely. You really think XTQZZZ just let fucking apex call whatever he wants?? You are living in a dream world then.
2021-04-19 20:57
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"apex got more help" how do you know that? U were on teamspeak with the team every time they played a match?
2021-04-19 21:00
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ok whats the point in us arguing then? if you cant believe that apex got help what can I tell you? Unless you are just ignoring reality to make yourself more right this is a joke. ofcourse he got fucking help what do you think? You honestly think Vitality can win anything with an igl who only igled in mirage for a few months in 2018. Get your head out of your ass bro
2021-04-19 21:02
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when has alex igled before igling in vitality?
2021-04-19 21:03
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well at minimum ALEX had 6 months with Vitality on LAN as igl until he started geting big results while apex had far less time. I believe he was igl of LDLC near the end of his tenure as well.
2021-04-19 21:08
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did u have brain lag before typing this
2021-04-19 21:11
Japan Peine
shox didn't take ages to be good, Alex just restricted him He became vitality's second best player straight when Apex took the lead and put him in a comfortable role He even said himself that he didn't like and wasn't comfortable about how ALEX wanted him to play
2021-04-20 16:51
Russia z0rgh
Don't think anyone ever considered him as a great IGL. He was just overhyped because C9 payed a lot of money for him. That's all.
2021-04-19 20:30
Sweden SofoRion
Vitality is a bad team.
2021-04-19 20:33
cuz xtqzz couldnt igl on LAN
2021-04-19 20:39
Alex who?
2021-04-19 20:39
I would say that he knew how to use ZywOo well, and it worked fine for the team. They made a number of grandFinals. He's not very mechanically skilled himself, but brought out the good in that team. And everyone calling him overrated, kinda makes him underrated, ironically lol.
2021-04-19 20:55
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Zywoo was insane in aaa. should the igl of aaa be a tier 1 player then for using him well?? Zywoo was the n1 player in 2020 when alex wasnt in the same anymore, so apex is also a great igl? Why is xtqzzz getting the praise for leading instead of apex? alex underrated?
2021-04-19 20:59
XQC new igl
2021-04-19 20:59
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2021-04-20 16:11
Tell us something new - every single person knows ALEX is overrated
2021-04-20 17:01
because people realised after ALEX had left how much of an impact XQTZZZ must’ve had and still has
2021-04-20 16:53
Japan Legoshi
Dude acted like a dick too
2021-04-20 22:59
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