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Astralis #2
catgirl | 
Russia german_cheaters 
holy shit why hltv keeps giving them points xD their last tournament win was like 1 year ago
2021-04-20 01:38
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yet Spirit -1 rofl for finishing 3rd
2021-04-20 01:40
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They didn't play much man.And choked the comeback to G2 +_+
2021-04-20 08:02
What do you mean, Astralis lost 40 points
2021-04-20 01:45
I was surprised heroic did not pass them in the rankings..
2021-04-20 01:45
Wtf fnatic is doing in top30, lol?
2021-04-20 01:48
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ahhahah wtf navi doing in top 4?
2021-04-20 01:50
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Same goes to VP tho.
2021-04-20 04:16
They actually would have been Top2, if Flamie was still in active roster. #35
2021-04-20 04:35
jks | 
Japan Tobu_
Defo not even top 5 if youre losing to OG. Should be 7th maybe 8th
2021-04-20 01:48
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ice | 
Finland Cirno
Hey, man... I think OG is fine with the main man Aleksi :D Potential top 10 soon I'd hope.
2021-04-20 02:15
"their last tournament win was like 1 year ago"
2021-04-20 01:49
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yeah 2020
2021-04-20 01:52
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Brazil HHazuka
"1 year ago" implies 365 days ago. Should have said "last year"
2021-04-20 01:57
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team winning event on december 31 hltv on jan 01: bRo ThEir wIN WaS 1 yEAr AgO
2021-04-20 08:20
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2021-04-20 14:47
They lost points mate. They had 808, now they have 760. Heroic will most likely pass them very soon.
2021-04-20 01:59
a lot of people dont know how the rankings points are calculated and it seems like you are one of them.
2021-04-20 02:01
Total points = Performance in the last 12 months (50% weight subranking) + Team placing in last 3 months (30% weight subranking) + Recent Form in last 2 months (20% weight subranking). For each component event of the rankings, the importance of older tournaments keep decreasing with time, and become irrelevant *after* 12 months. The last 12 months include 8 months in 2020, where Astralis won 3 events, and was always at least Top3/Top4 of literally every single tournament. In 2021 as well, they were Grandfinalists at global finals, and have made it to the playoffs of all the tournaments. They deserve their placing. It's only because of huge weight to recent achievements, that Gambit is above Astralis, and it's only because Navi lost 150 points after Flamie was benched, that Heroic is above Navi.
2021-04-20 04:34
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Poland kruky
Aren't points attached to 3-man core of each team? There is no info about team losing points when they lose/bench one of their players
2021-04-20 06:05
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Yes, and Navi's 3-man core changed fron flamie, s1mple, and electronic (since 2017) to s1mple, electronic, and Boombl4 (since mid 2019). You can check Navi's profile too. All the ranking stats from before 2019 have been removed. When s1mple joined in 2016, core was Zeus, Edward and Flamie (since 2015). When edward left in 2017, core became Zeus, Flamie, and s1mple (since 2016). When zeus left in 2019, core became flamie, s1mple, and electronic (since 2017). When flamie left in 2021 for now, core became s1mple, electronic, and boomich (since 2019). Now, for example, if boombl4 leaves, new core would be s1mple, electronic, and Perfecto (from 2020). Similarly, Vitality's core changed from Zywoo, apex, and RpK, to zywoo, apex, and shox. So, Vitality lost 150 points as well, in the latest ranking update.
2021-04-20 06:17
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Good info as always
2021-04-20 11:03
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Thanks man. I did make a small mistake in the history, but the overall point remains the same :D Have a nice day :)
2021-04-20 11:33
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Cool Swarn, Have a good night.
2021-04-20 15:46
gambit #1 finishes: 3 (+1 #1-4, +1 #1-2) astralis #1 finishes: 4 heroic #1 finishes: 3 navi #1 finishes: 2 (+1 #1-3) there are literally ''ranking details'' in the system. just use it.
2021-04-20 08:16
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and #70 btw
2021-04-20 08:57
Russia NOD777
If you still don’t understand how ranks work you shouldn’t say anything
2021-04-20 08:18
Slovakia TheGameu
Dont points stay for 1year?
2021-04-20 08:21
Been asking this to myself for months, astralis so shit yet keep coming back to top 1 or top 2 without even winning vs tier 2 teams xd
2021-04-20 08:32
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Then read this: And also #61 If you say that website is Danish biased, without even reading the facts, you wanted to believe that in the first place, and are choosing to ignore facts.
2021-04-20 11:56
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I didbnt say its danish based, i said i dont understand why they keep giving astralis points when theyre not winning matches xd
2021-04-20 11:58
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Do you really want to understand? Astralis keeps beating teams after teams to get to playoffs, in every single tournament. Their current points are depending on the points earned in the past that are slowly decreasing, and new points that they are earning. This is not a weekly ranking. This is a yearly ranking that's updated weekly. Take and minute and understand that line. It reflects the last 12 months, with the older records having exponentially low importance. Astralis have kept losing points. They had 1000 points In February, now they are at 760, even though they beat so many teams in both IEM katowice and EPL-13 to get to playoffs. Blast showdown is an unimportant qualifier, from a ranking viewpoint, and still Astralis lost 50 points.
2021-04-20 12:05
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2021-04-20 12:27
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See this: All the things you see in this link, have been considered for the latest ranking update. Look at Astralis' tournament placings over last 12 months. If Astralis continues their current form, their rank will obviously drop. But their past performance (since April 2020) is keeping them afloat.
2021-04-20 12:33
Czech Republic poledne this? :D you can´t really spend like 1 min on this?
2021-04-20 12:00
I don't get why NIP not number 1
2021-04-20 12:01
ye no idea how they are still #1. the points feel oddly distributed
2021-04-20 12:07
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Finland DTeeVee
2021-04-20 14:42
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sry meant #2
2021-04-20 15:11
astralis #2 , Extra Salt #1
2021-04-20 12:34
Finland DTeeVee
Astralis lost 48 points in yesterday's update.
2021-04-20 14:46
Actually they won the last event in 2020
2021-04-20 14:44
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