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Cerq and Brehze mentality
United States oBo_top1_2024 
These guys gave up as soon as the enemy hit double digits. Sloppy plays that show they just want the game to end. Please get these bots out (or Cerq at the very least) as soon as possible.
2021-04-20 19:28
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Portugal beatje
CeRq and Stan are completely washed, they will move to valorant in no time
2021-04-20 19:29
name checks out!, though they looked pretty weak.
2021-04-20 19:30
Morocco bobby_j
+1 they give up easily
2021-04-20 19:30
oBo - 23 kills the rest of the team combined - 31 kills lul
2021-04-20 19:30
oBo got scammed so hard
2021-04-20 19:31
Michu and Obo were fine in match. Cerq a bit time is not going well. Brehze and Stanislaw are ok to me. Something is happening in EG. They were a good team but now they can't win.
2021-04-20 19:57
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Portugal MGL257
They were a good team in NA, because since they went to Europe they're struggling so hard, and for me, Cerq needs to be kicked and EG needs to sign oSee (The best NA AWPer)
2021-04-20 20:00
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I think EG is going to keep itself in NA. They can't compete in Europe yet.
2021-04-20 20:09
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