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Dm awpers
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Love them mfs who got they volume set up to max with surround sound on, hardscope every angle, crouchpeek every time they try to peek you, and when they miss a shot they switch to the deag and start spamming it and do 100 in 2 They so fucking annoying to deal with there should be a time limit to how long you can stay scoped
2021-04-20 22:41
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2021-04-20 22:42
Why servers make money from em
2021-04-20 22:42
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If I wanna practice awping I hop on tarik gg since I’m too broke to spend $5 just to use a gun
2021-04-20 22:42
Play dm without AWP??????!??!!??!
2021-04-20 22:42
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Where I live they usually got 0 players
2021-04-20 22:43
play hs only
2021-04-20 22:44
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Everyone on the hs only servers are ass
2021-04-20 22:45
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I have the opposite problem, every HS only server I play on is like I'm up against Xantares with an AK. IMO HS only servers should not have one hit kill weapons, teaches aim and spray management
2021-04-20 22:50
everyone who plays awp in deathmach also molests children. and that is a fact
2021-04-20 22:54
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Fuck man I got figured out, sorry fbi agent Jones I let you down, this guy too smart
2021-04-20 23:22
Just play ak only dms or hs only What's the big deal?
2021-04-20 23:21
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