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Niko vs Cold buyout
Europe Your_HLTV_Friend 
Did faze make profit? What do you guys think? Cold had to pay some of his own buyout so I’m pretty sure Faze made profit by selling Niko later after whatever they spent on colds half buyout. Also faze ended up with a proper structured team with designated roles and a real IGL.
2021-04-21 02:54
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Cold bought his buyout? what
2021-04-21 02:56
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Yes he paid some of it
2021-04-21 05:02
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ropz | 
United States Goob
2021-04-21 05:03
3 replies image compressed into gif apparantly...
2021-04-21 05:18
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2021-04-21 05:21
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you have fallen for my trap card
2021-04-21 05:22
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