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Do premium griefers get banned?
Slovakia Daev0n 
So I've played faceit and this guy with premium account was molotoving us, flashing us, afking in spawn, telling the other team our positions, blocking, shouting at us (basically fit the bill for every report there is) but he's still not banned. Is there some kind of fucking policy that when you're premium the rules don't apply to you? Or does face it not ban their premium accounts because they would lose money?
2021-04-21 04:19
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what was his nationality?
2021-04-21 04:20
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Slovakia Daev0n
Ruski ofc
2021-04-21 04:24
Slovakia Daev0n
nice name btw
2021-04-21 04:25
Estonia endpointfan
faceit support takes years to ban anyone regardless of if the match is premium 5v5 or free
2021-04-21 04:25
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Slovakia Daev0n
Yep, as an example we played against 5 griefers who were molotoving themselves in spawn all game long. And only 2 of them got banned so far lmao. It's been 2/3 months.
2021-04-21 04:33
Denmark Jeffersond
They get banned tooo yazz, but it takes some time, probably
2021-04-21 04:30
trolling and griefing bans are only temporary I think
2021-04-21 04:56
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