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How to overclock your oven
IsKall | 
Andorra Cullmensaltconfirmed 
2021-04-21 08:40
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this channel is pure gold its disgusting how little views it gets
2021-04-21 08:41
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that's not a "little", though content that requires a lot more effort will always be triumphed by the cringey v-tubers, mukbangers, reaction channels(OMEGALUL) and all the other low effort trash on youtube which just so happens to be a lot. And basically anything people like shroud or ninja would post, low effort garbage.
2021-04-21 09:00
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Don't forget I CALLED (insert name) AT 3AM HE RESPONDS!!! 11! 1
2021-04-21 09:04
ninja is malding playing mediocre league on twitch for like 9k people and his videos on youtube only get like 100k average rip
2021-04-21 09:09
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I know a guy on youtube streaming who gets like around 3k per month from donations with only 200-500 viewers average, so ninja with 9k, he's not worried about money. He has all the braindead children to support him for life.
2021-04-21 09:32
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he doesnt worry about money period unless hes an idiot he is long set for life im talking about the downward spiral of his career not his financial situation
2021-04-21 09:34
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Wouldn't happen unless he stopped streaming entirely, these fanbases are hysterically braindead. Like they'll be on his stream the SECOND they get the notification.
2021-04-21 09:37
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what wouldnt happen
2021-04-21 09:40
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2021-04-21 09:58
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holy shit i knew ninja was a genius but didnt realize he invented an entire language very cool
2021-04-21 09:59
ppl dont pay attention to deails....thats the reason i think. btw is crazy how creative this guy is
2021-04-21 09:22
thanks men it worked, but now I have to buy an oven
2021-04-21 08:44
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You need to also have stronk oven :))
2021-04-21 08:46
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mens(( its too late now.
2021-04-21 08:47
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2021-04-21 08:48
Italy steven513
2021-04-21 08:50
what the fucking did i just watched
2021-04-21 09:10
WOW this is something....idk :D :D :D did you notice youtube link in the owen ??? this guy is genius
2021-04-21 09:20
Wow cool
2021-04-21 17:28
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