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NA scene
North America northamericant 
mens, as an na fanboy am i screwed? all i want is for my continentmen to succeed but it is just all falling apart liquid bad, eg even worse, junior and rush to be kicked soon, twistzz doesnt even play. ptr just won mdl in 2021. is extra salt the only hope?
2021-04-21 17:54
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damn na scene so dead nobosy even respond to na thread anymore
2021-04-21 17:59
Don't worry bro I'll go pro soon so I can revive NA scene
2021-04-21 17:59
NA players don't want to put in the work to improve, they'd rather just switch to valorant
2021-04-21 17:59
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As Shroud as said before, there actually might be more money and opportunities in VALORANT over CSGO.
2021-04-21 18:01
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fuk shroud
2021-04-21 18:02
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ur mad cause bad?
2021-04-21 18:05
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nah mad cuz shroud switches to every new game and then shits on the old games
2021-04-21 18:06
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And makes more money then all of us doing it
2021-04-21 18:07
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2021-04-21 18:09
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So why be mad? People like seeing him do it
2021-04-21 18:10
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that doesnt mean i have to agree with it
2021-04-21 18:12
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It also doesn't mean you need to harass and insult him
2021-04-21 18:13
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i never did either i just said fuk shroud, cuz I think he just is an opportunist and shits on his old games to earn money, I understand he makes good money and that is why he does it but I dont like it.
2021-04-21 18:15
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Saying fuk someone is an insult smh
2021-04-21 18:16
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shroud stan
2021-04-21 18:17
ropz | 
United States Goob
didn’t harass him at all? just said fuck shroud, shroud will never even hear about this so why defend him, fanboy
2021-04-21 18:16
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You don't know if he won't see it ;)
2021-04-21 18:17
Portugal jsousa941
i would say for NA for the beginning of valorant probably , but in the future id see NA being relevant tbh
2021-04-21 19:09
Money is the root of all evil today
2021-04-21 19:13
Shroud is always wrong on his takes so you should never really listen to him lol. Don’t know how people watch him he’s so boring and dude can’t go a week without calling CS Dead. It’s sad but a lot of players took the easy way out, freakazoid has always said more players in the NA scene cared more about money than actually winning and it’s shown how much money talks. I think NA VAL would be more interesting if there were more new comers in the scene instead of majority washed players with some OW players thrown in there. Like floppy and Xeppaa played valorant for almost two weeks and already got signed to a team lol. It’s a slap in the face for anyone who’s trying to grind the game for that spot. EU VAL is a lot better than NA and it’s mostly new comers.
2021-04-21 19:36
Let's be honest after valulrant released more agent and the game turned into a first person moba like overwatch, all those tier 2 csgo players that switched will instantly suck dick.
2021-04-21 18:02
twistzz and liquid only hope left for na, es are prob good at online, they rarely played lan, and valorant is a refuge camp for na cs pros
2021-04-21 18:02
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United States Bhu_Tang
I mean, cloud9/atk had actually decent lan experience, they didn't have any incredible runs or anything, but they pulled out decent wins. They probably could've made playoffs at Pro League 10 if they didn't run into mousesports, the champions, twice.
2021-04-21 18:06
United States ReyCuadrado
There was so much talent in NA, but they all went to Valorant for better opportunities. I don't blame them though :(
2021-04-21 18:04
They're just ahead of the curve. Unless Valve does something European scene will shrink as well. Not as much as CS is more entrenched but if you're looking at this post and getting mad just bookmark it and check back in a year.
2021-04-21 18:07
Jonji will save NA 🙏
2021-04-21 18:13
bnb will save NA
2021-04-21 18:14
NA is fine considering the history, only year it was better was 2019
2021-04-21 18:16
Netherlands staticNL
I'm hoping that the NA scene will slowly rebuild. Have small orgs support up and coming players with relatively low salaries and develop the scene all over again. Not sure if its going to happen though.
2021-04-21 18:18
Honestly its still not in an awful position, it could be worse. As long as Liquid, EG and Furia remain in top 10 it should be fine when they move back to NA and help FPL / lower tier teams develop
2021-04-21 18:19
Brazil rehbobina
junior won't be kicked out of FURIA anytime soon, that's not how FURIA works, even if junior plays badly, they'll insist on him until they really think there's no way
2021-04-21 19:12
NA has to stop being handed invites to events. Maybe then they'll get better. When they get dropped in qualis it should help them realize they need to disband or get better.
2021-04-21 19:13
They said NA was dead after iBP was banned and then look what happened. NA will be fine, it will build back slowly. Just because a bunch of washed players leave doesn’t mean NA CS is dying or dead.
2021-04-21 19:17
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