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Have I embraced solitude?
Kyrgyzstan Nixon_Ended_Gold_Standard 
I used to get a bit lonely before the pandemic. I had barely any friends and would rarely see them and would see all of these people with friends who would party often etc.,. since then I have not felt lonely once. Have I gotten used to the loneliness or have I found peace with myself? I do find many things to do on the computer and would say I am somewhat happy lately.
2021-04-22 00:03
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Poland Hanse
You have embraced gaming, fatal failure is right ahead
2021-04-22 00:04
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don't game that much tbh
2021-04-22 00:05
During the pandemic I joined discord everyday talking to my friends (ik irl) from when I wake up until I went to bed. I don't know if they were just getting toxic or I just didn't fit into their friend group but about 3-4 months ago I started to distance myself to now where I don't talk to anyone anymore. I relate to you now I feel like im more happy, more in touch with my emotions. I feel so much better that my daily fun doesn't depend on other people
2021-04-22 00:10
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good for you man
2021-04-22 00:13
United States ReynaMain
same but i felt worse after i stopped talking to them that much
2021-04-22 01:18
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if its because you felt left out or bored. Thats how I felt after I stop talking to them until I developed other hobbies to replace talking on discord
2021-04-22 01:37
thats the first step towards dementia
2021-04-22 00:16
United States poL_aris
Hello Botcoin_Standard alt. I'm very lonely too, but I can't embrace solitude. I like socializing. Perhaps in a year we'll have some more friends. Best of luck to you.
2021-04-22 00:17
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2021-04-22 00:21
Being able to enjoy loneliness is a perk, because you will stay happy and healthy without a big circle of friends. I’m like that, but i like to keep in touch with my family and my friends. Without a girlfriend however i would feel empty no matter what.
2021-04-22 00:33
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Nepal Aguminok
what you just described is quite the opposite of enjoying loneliness
2021-04-22 00:52
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You don’t have to get together with people all the time. I love sitting at home when my friends are partying day and night. I think that’s called enjoying loneliness. What are you even trying to say?
2021-04-22 00:59
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Nepal Aguminok
well u still talk to them and i assume on regular basis so how is that being lonely
2021-04-22 01:00
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What is loneliness first of all? Is it equal to not having any friends or is it equal to being alone? I don’t like to go out all the time, instead i enjoy to be alone with my gf. If that isn’t called enjoying loneliness then idk what does.
2021-04-22 01:02
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Nepal Aguminok
no thats called not liking parties and preferring to stay at home. loneliness = loneliness, eg. literally being alone and not just physically but as a concept as well, so like, not having anyone to reach out to when u need it
2021-04-22 01:03
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Maybe you’re right, i would feel bad af if i knew i didn’t have anyone to reach out to like at least a few friends. I already feel bad for not speaking to them enough so i guess u got me there.
2021-04-22 01:11
Nepal Aguminok
sounds like an average useless person without friends that spends 24/7 playing games and watching anime. deserved? idk. expected? for sure
2021-04-22 00:51
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I have never watched anime
2021-04-22 01:10
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