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How to delete facebook from android phone?
Paraguay Bitcoin_Standard 
It doesn't let you delete, only disable. surely there is a way... any android 5heads here who know???>?
2021-04-22 01:14
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Delete it. I deleted it so you can too!
2021-04-22 01:16
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I asked how
2021-04-22 01:18
KEL | 
Germany VINHA!
android lmao
2021-04-22 01:18
Facebook has made a number of deals with Samsung and other Android smartphone makers to make it impossible for people to delete the app. The deals, first reported by Bloomberg, mean the Facebook app comes pre-installed onto devices and can only be disabled and not permanently removed.
2021-04-22 01:21
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You can remove it on Nokia tho
2021-04-22 01:21
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Nokia is a bit different
2021-04-22 01:24
how can they do something like this?
2021-04-22 01:32
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I suppose your only real option is to not buy the phone. Also, the reason is because of $$$
2021-04-22 01:33
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i know, everything is because of money, but there should be some rules for this as well
2021-04-22 01:36
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They could literally advertise that "we will harvest your data and sell it to other companies" and it wouldn't matter since they told you.
2021-04-22 01:37
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Muh precious data!
2021-04-22 02:25
thx for info I know I can use an operating systesm like lineage, calyx or graphene OS to bypass it and all google stuff
2021-04-22 01:45
I don`t have it on my Android, so I must`ve deleted it years ago. The forbidden knowledge of how I did it has been lost however and thus someone else must rise to the occasion and discover it again.
2021-04-22 01:35
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That's because this addition was only added in 2019, before that this wasn't a thing where they made it so you couldn't delete the app.
2021-04-22 01:46
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My old phone J3 pro(2017) had Facebook app which couldn't be removed.
2021-04-22 02:10
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there is definitely a way to remove it, sometimes it requires security permissions or a root to do so though, which is extremely annoying.
2021-04-22 02:13
You can't delete only disable
2021-04-22 01:35
i am pretty sure it is possible but only with phone root... or maybe im wrong tho if u want to root then you need to be aware of consequences
2021-04-22 02:00
If your phone doesn't have warrancy you can just root it and then delete unwanted aplications. I had to do it on my old Xperia J to make it functional.
2021-04-22 02:06
you need to root the device. I have done it too just to remove these useless apps . It is a very long process if you don't know anything about it. also please be aware of consequences of root
2021-04-22 02:17
Its installed as a system app so you cant uninstall it unless you root ur phone.
2021-04-22 02:31
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