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Winning Team Success?
magixx | 
CIS BLMActivist 
Do you think its more on teamwork/communication and putting players in the right role more important than actual skill of player? Feel like most tier1 csgo player skill are similar - feels like 80% of wins is because of teamwork/communication and everyone playing their strong roles.
2021-04-22 01:21
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Teamwork and coordination win games. Since nowdays are all good aimers.
2021-04-22 01:22
Switzerland Jaksin
50/50 A team where all the players suck but have the best teamwork/roles wouldn't accomplish anything. The team has to have good players and good teamwork if they're gonna succeed.
2021-04-22 01:23
Obviously. If you're losing 5v2's and all kinds of clutches, it's normally because of misplays, without a doubt. Happens every game, a lot of highlights tend to be that way.
2021-04-22 01:26
If you're talking about tier 1 counter strike, then it's like 90%+ team based stuff, because pretty much everyone at that level is cracked individually. At lower tiers though, it's possible to win just from one player taking over the game even with less than stellar teamplay. Even then, I wouldn't go below 60% of the game being teamplay based. Even if your team's strategy is "s1mple go kill," you still have to have the rest of your team setting him up well so he can succeed.
2021-04-22 01:31
Sweden Zeepter
Well it also depens how much they wanna use their cheats such as triggers. Aren´t think that? Check:
2021-04-22 01:32
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United States TrashPanda
Ohhhhhh fuck off
2021-04-22 01:33
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Sweden Zeepter
can´t handle the truth? Explain the clips then
2021-04-22 02:11
United States TrashPanda
You’d be surprised that a lot of pros aren’t that far above or even above the skill of a lot of Lvl 10s. I fully believe I could out aim some pros, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is, my game IQ compared to all pros is a joke. Their dedication and ability to grasp the game and the way they work around their teammates is wild. Knowing multiple strats, calls, rotations, sets, fakes, etc. for multiple maps and to play that consistently at a high level intellectually is just... crazy. That’s where pros don’t get the recognition. The fuckin’ brain.
2021-04-22 01:32
In t1 Cs everybody has good aim so you have to have a ability that stands you out from everyone else that’s why communication and roles are important in T1 Cs
2021-04-22 01:44
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