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faceit reality check
i can safely say faceit grind is pathetic, its not pro league, you literally cant join any tier team from faceit, people not grinding impactfull plays dont practice needed skills, like getting wins on faceit doesnt convert nothing against pros, you can be noob on faceit, but you could train yourself some gameplay that could be usefull in tier 2 cs, like perfect communication, overall lot of things not mastered in faceit i assume, you can really go to tier 2 cs almost instantly from even smart playing in random mm, when you drop gun to leader, master some stupid gun and stupid smoke, communicate well you can even play against some top in world players as support, and when you try to keep thats stupid 1.1 kd or whatever in faceit no idea what u trying to achieve, you master absolutely nothing except beeing trash, and trashtalking lower faceit level thats two things you absolutely seem to master there. I faking laugh at idiots like you who think faceit is relevant, you learn nothing, best thing you can do, you can probably master aim to tier 3 level, you can master that for couple months, flex that to random people on internet and your career is summed up there what possibly best could have happened.
2021-04-22 21:56
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Reunion Esquinox
most people don't grind to get pro tho
2021-04-22 21:58
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lol false
2021-04-22 22:06
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Reunion Esquinox
#5 proof
2021-04-22 22:13
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2021-04-22 23:45
Czech Republic JakamanCZ
200 words, 2 sentences, very nice.
2021-04-22 22:00
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expected from weeb
2021-04-22 22:02
Finland kS_
I don't grind faceit to become pro.
2021-04-22 22:01
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ok mens thats good
2021-04-22 22:15
United States weaboo
lmao it doesn't matter how good your communication is if you can't even get level 10 faceit
2021-04-22 22:03
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Ahahahhaah NA 2.5k elo communication „”go kill, if dont kill unlucko”
2021-04-22 23:42
i ain't reading that
2021-04-22 22:03
Ok didn't read 😎👍
2021-04-22 22:08
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but you car.....
2021-04-22 22:30
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JW | 
Switzerland Titan))
not even I _car can car abotu such garbage thread
2021-04-22 22:31
I am car but my attention has limits
2021-04-22 22:32
Not really. A lot of teams will go check your elo in faceit to even consider you joining them. Ofc im not talking about pro teams but you gotta start somewhere.
2021-04-22 22:09
you are right i also thought about it before. You actually learn the game if you play in an actual team not soloque faceit
2021-04-22 22:10
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That's true but imagine you are teamless right now and try to a join a team. I guarantee MOST people will ask about your faceit level/elo. If you are low elo, the only chance you have of joining a team is with low level players as well, you won't learn anything there, if anything you will stagnate because you will mostly play vs other low teams.
2021-04-22 22:16
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You aer also right. To sum up after reaching lvl 10 people should try to find a team if they really want to grind in cs
2021-04-22 22:27
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United States weaboo
if you ask me id say that it would be better to increase your individual skill to a high level before you play in a team
2021-04-22 22:36
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Yes soloque to lvl 10 is pretty decent for basic skills. After that teamplay and comms should be practiced which will only happen in an actual team
2021-04-22 22:41
+1, the odds of you getting to a pro level via becoming really good individually are much much higher than getting to a pro level with a team as 5 (since that would require perfect synergy, chemistry, etc.)
2021-04-26 00:45
United States EDBX
If you aren't insane mechanically compared to most players you are not gonna be playing support in tier 2 LMFAO. You think the aim gods trying to go pro aren't willing to use coms and learn smokes? Dream world.
2021-04-22 22:13
2021-04-22 22:14
pug systems are pug systems,,,if ur trying to take it serious or go pro. make a team and scrim and play in online leagues either on faceit or will never get anywhere from pug systems.dont believe the hype u need to grind to fpl and rank s..thats just a marketing scheme to get you to grind there service so u can play with the pros.
2021-04-22 22:15
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2021-04-22 22:18
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go troll somewhere else...this is a fact.peopel like u installed csgo and think playing a mm system or pug system is cs and every day people cry about pug systems..make a team and get good its really simple.playing with randoms and grinding to get ranks or better pug stats will never get you anywhere.
2021-04-22 22:22
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"marketing scheme" ever heard of ropz?
2021-04-22 22:23
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ever heard of wasting alot of hours to grind a pug system.when u learn more playing with an actually team and your getting better faster?and u get known faster also.
2021-04-22 22:26
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understandable bro but in some country's you cant get 5 players to make a team i live in middle east and im telling you there is no more that 2 or 3 good players in the whole country .. the only way my name gets relevant is by grinding to fpl
2021-04-22 22:35
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thats not true at find people online in your area or close to your area.ive done it plently of times and i made countless of teams like that.its sounds like to me you just dont want to find people online. "the only way my name gets relevant is by grinding to fpl"--no it wont..but hey good luck on that long grind with randoms.
2021-04-22 23:33
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iam already playing the monthly qualifier bro its 2 days every month so the chances are close
2021-04-22 23:40
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I doubt it.
2021-04-23 06:14
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Ofcourse the chanches are slim but he is the closest you can get
2021-04-26 01:12
United States weaboo
bro if u are extremly good and u rek all fpl players u will get attention
2021-04-22 22:38
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2021-04-22 23:33
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yes you will get attention
2021-04-22 23:39
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2021-04-23 06:14
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2021-04-23 17:48
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2021-04-23 21:33
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yes,cause we arent talking about na
2021-04-24 19:01
which online leagues?
2021-04-25 23:30
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esea open,intermidate,main leagues...faceit has team cups too
2021-04-25 23:33
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ty i might try esea for finding mates,their refrag system looks nice
2021-04-26 00:40
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you need to make a team and have to wait till the seasons also have to pay league fees too.
2021-04-26 00:41
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I'd probably play around all the refrag tools at first to get better overall. i always loved the idea of learning new things, creating strats etc but had no reason to do it / was never motivated to just learn them for myself. like of course i know all the basics but not really much beyond that yet. league fees?? seriously xd i guess there are several divisions within one season to play? how do you get placed into them? qualifiers like esea open or however its called?
2021-04-26 00:50
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you and your team start off in open and if u win open or you get close you can get moved up to intermidate divisions and then its the same you can get in main divisions.leagues fees are for the prize pots you can win with your team.
2021-04-26 00:50
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that's cool! thanks for the explanation! are there seperated stats for pugs / leagues / tournaments btw? or also those warmup tourneys or something I've seen recently, can't remember it fully though. so far i like it way more than faceit. semms to be way more oldschool. edit: are the pug ranks seperated from playing tournaments?
2021-04-26 01:04
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that's cool! thanks for the explanation! are there seperated stats for pugs / leagues / tournaments btw? (everything is separate) or also those warmup tourneys or something I've seen recently, can't remember it fully though.(no these are real matches for the season) so far i like it way more than faceit. semms to be way more oldschool. edit: are the pug ranks seperated from playing tournaments?yes.pugs have ranks and stats and then scrim and matches have there own stats.
2021-04-26 03:08
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tyvm, i appreciate it
2021-04-26 08:49
is there a non competitive option for games as well? like also for just having fun getting to know people? :D
2021-04-26 01:06
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i dont know what you mean? to find people you need to use the forums and you can create a scrim team and search for scrims on esea.this is free and its for practice too.
2021-04-26 03:09
ok? I still don't get the main point that you're trying to convey
2021-04-22 23:21
Why did I waste my time reading that
2021-04-22 23:47
2021-04-23 06:22
United States Masshole
arboga thread ResidentSleeper
2021-04-23 21:33
I mean honestly, you must be a lower level faceit player. Not trying to hate by any means, but at level 10, everyone knows util, calls are crisp and better than mm. It's more about teamplay than mm. But yeah, you won't be able to just hop to a tier 2 team. You have to play with a team, a real team. To learn the nuance of counter strike to a better degree.
2021-04-25 23:39
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