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u have rice cooker?
Austria Angelo_Merte 
is it worth it? i mostly make my rice in pan but its annoying as fk.
2021-04-22 22:52
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probably for good rice.
2021-04-22 22:53
real asians use ricecookers
2021-04-22 22:53
Get_Rice best
2021-04-22 22:54
JW | 
United States sen0r_vac
instant pot but i use it to cook rice yes
2021-04-22 22:54
Yes, and yes.
2021-04-22 22:54
Just don’t eat rice😎👍
2021-04-22 22:55
no, I just do it normal
2021-04-22 22:55
What is a rice cooker?
2021-04-22 22:56
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I wanna say something, but i dont wanna be in trouble
2021-04-22 23:01
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2021-04-22 23:05
frozen | 
Indonesia Xcvrs
real Asian use a big pot
2021-04-22 22:59
Rice out of the cooking pot is shit compared to rice cooker rice. It's night and day, really
2021-04-22 23:00
its cool, same as using a normal pot, but if you have the money then go for it. you can make vegetables etc. there too, they get kinda like "steam cooked" there. only difference to normal pot is that you cant really burn the rice, you can just leave it inside the rice cooker and eat whenever you want to
2021-04-22 23:01
never heard of it
2021-04-22 23:00
How the fuck is it annoying to cook rice???????
2021-04-22 23:00
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2021-04-22 23:12
I just use a pot
2021-04-22 23:02
Depends on the rice and rice cooker. Pot rice can be very tasty but you need the right technique and experience, other wise it gets burnt. Good rice cookers have a ton of functions and can even bake (I made cheesecake in my rice cooker)
2021-04-22 23:04
who tf eats rice anyway.
2021-04-22 23:05
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxyownz
yes, rice cooker is probably greatest thing to have in ur kitchen othern than wall-attachable prostate stimulator for when u get bored during cooking. unless you want like a special rice with more flavor, i use like every 2nd-3rd meal
2021-04-22 23:08
it will do rice with great ease but not much flavour it will also keep your rice warm for some time after cooking if you want may be very useful indeed
2021-04-22 23:10
no, I eat it raw
2021-04-22 23:17
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