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NiP Magic
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Italy ROMAG 
Device wasn't so great? Are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a player with such an ability and movement with AWP? Device puts the game in another level, we will be blessed if we ever see a player with his skill and passion for the game again. S1mple breaks records, zywoo breaks records. Device breaks the rules. You can keep your statistics. I prefer the magic.
2021-04-23 16:22
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i dont think anyone has ever said device isnt so great that arent baiting
2021-04-23 16:23
Saudi Arabia Xpicyy
device without Astralis is shit device
2021-04-23 16:24
No one has ever said that, even in baits
2021-04-23 16:24
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Most underrated player ever, even winning every thing
2021-04-23 16:31
The amazing frag videos around 2001 from NIP and heaton got me sold. When I returned to watch CS some years ago I was excited to see NiP still existing on the big scene, but disappointed by their results. Hope that Device can bring them back to glory
2021-04-23 16:29
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20 years bro, but maybe now
2021-04-23 16:32
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Oh well, even if it takes 20 years :) I think this is an interesting shake of things
2021-04-23 16:42
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