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yuurih and kscerato
gla1ve | 
Canada Zero_O_Clock 
They clearly deserve a team with a real tactical leader and structural approach to the game, This is a waste of time.
2021-04-27 18:51
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Furia are so unmotivated, They're playing like an old man trying get an erection. Lmao.
2021-04-27 18:54
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NAF | 
Brazil uezu
Lol nice one
2021-04-27 18:57
Canada Femtal
+1 this is sad to see I think Junior is very uncomfortable too in the lineup cant really blame him they are playing a totally different counter-strike than what he is capable
2021-04-27 18:58
Can't wait for Overwatch 2 so Art get the fuck out
2021-04-27 18:56
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2021-04-27 18:58
I hope they Remove junior before rmr please god
2021-04-27 18:59
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