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which monitor to get?
Russia cuba_libre10 
It must be 27 inch 240hz+ <= 1ms good black equalizer for dark games VA panel if curved, no less than 1800R
2021-04-28 17:06
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hades | 
Europe ad3m93
2021-04-28 17:08
LG CX "48
2021-04-28 17:08 One of the best if you want to play on a large surface for moderate cost
2021-04-28 17:12
2 replies Without trolling this is the best one you can get for what you want . Only inconvenient it's curved at 1000R. But i haven't found better. Good luck with you search!
2021-04-28 17:16
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curved is no cap so dogshit
2021-04-29 09:03
zowie benq makes very good monitors and I believe their black equalizer is good as well.
2021-04-28 17:19
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here is a link to their 27in 240hz monitor It shows pictures of the black equalizer at the bottom
2021-04-28 17:21
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what is DyAc/DyAc+?
2021-04-29 09:04
yes indeed, i dont know what kind of monitor would fit exactly to his needs but ive never made bad experience with benq monitors - we have a few at work and the colors feel so much more realistic than those from acer or hp, that we use beside benq. benq definitely has great black equlizer too, but i dont know about their 240hz monitors - i can only say that benq has great panels
2021-04-28 17:23
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yeah I use a 240hz monitor from them and have had no issues, definitely amazing monitors.
2021-04-28 17:26
only issue is I am not sure if zowie benq has a VA panel monitor, you may have to look into regular benq monitors.
2021-04-28 17:31
Finland Eestu
+1 Always had pleasant experiences with BenQ/Zowie products. My XL2546 is definitely hands down the best monitor I've ever used features and performance wise. :)
2021-04-29 10:44
24 inch > 27 inch
2021-04-28 17:27
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24 for 1080p, 27 for 1440p
2021-04-29 09:00
no lmao
2021-04-29 09:06
Monitor LG 27GL850-B top monitor of 2020 Edit: oh 240hz nvm
2021-04-28 17:30
2021-04-28 17:30
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fucking disgrace to human kind
2021-04-28 17:32
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2021-04-28 17:33
look at the flag (he cant afford anything else)
2021-04-29 09:06
REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO
i think 75hz is good enought, no notable difference between that and 360hz
2021-04-28 17:31
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You have to be baiting right?
2021-04-28 17:44
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REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO
when i switched from 60hz to 75hz i didnt even notice a difference, just get a cheaper 75hz
2021-04-28 17:45
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Bruh the difference between 60hz and 75hz is nothing going from 60hz to 144hz is more than double and 6x more frames, games will look smoother and models will be on screen for longer in a game like cs for example.
2021-04-28 17:47
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REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO
i havent seen anyone run csgo with more than 100 frames besides pros, its useless.
2021-04-28 17:48
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What hardware you running? Because with like 500€ you can get a build that runs cs at 200-250 fps easy and 300 fps if you push it. Edit: Maybe not now for 500€ because dirty crypto miners.
2021-04-28 17:51
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REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO
16gb ram 1tb hdd + 500gb ssd nvidia 560 ti nvidia i-something
2021-04-28 18:03
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You mean intel I something but yeah that is a rather outdated build for todays standards but if you would upgrade when the prices calm down you can get 250-300 fps ezfor quite cheap
2021-04-28 18:53
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REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO
i upgraded the ram, dont need anything else i get like 60-65 fps
2021-04-28 20:05
Bruh that's a 10 year old GPU, no wonder you dont get fps Now try a high refresh rate monitor with hardware good enough to get stable high fps
2021-04-29 09:02
stay away from curved monitors they are bad
2021-04-28 17:31
27' meh you will be like doter
2021-04-28 17:32
Eww curves
2021-04-28 17:33
Argentina atriX^
Check this one out. IPS 1ms, 280hz, 27'' Review for it: You didn't specify resolution but that one's 1080p. Why do you want VA panel?
2021-04-28 17:36
Asia Blitzer
lg 27gn750 EASILY
2021-04-28 17:38
Benq xlz11
2021-04-28 17:47
Finland vjollila
2021-04-28 17:49
just saying 1ms is a marketing scam
2021-04-28 18:04
LG UltraGear 27GK750F this one has very low input lag and its not too expensive
2021-04-29 08:58
<= 1ms ??
2021-04-29 09:01
Zowie XL2546K like s1mple and most other pros:
2021-04-29 09:11
well if you want VA panel and 240hz, I guess samsung G7 is the only good option... At least its pretty good though other than it having curve, which I don't have experience from so IDK how I feel about that.
2021-04-29 10:43
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