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syrson looks like a granny
2021-04-29 16:17
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is this some kind of 7-1 joke?
2021-04-29 16:19
ropz | 
Spain Nepomu
he is killing furia anyway
2021-04-29 16:20
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I really like his playstyle, idk why people are so mad here kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2021-04-29 16:25
damn ur granny is pretty hairy but.. oh saw flag nvm
2021-04-29 16:21
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It's a joke dude, I like syrson and won't be crying about Furia when they are playing like bots
2021-04-29 16:29
And all br look like?
2021-04-29 16:22
funny syrsoN burst onto the t1 scene in 2020 with BIG but he's 25 (which is obviously not old but there are players who are washed yet are around that age)
2021-04-29 16:26
Syria icarnothing
BASED name. malding jermans in thread
2021-04-29 16:40
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