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"match fix" crybabies come
ReDWateR | 
Turkey iknowdawae 
if you think there is a match-fixing in the scene, why would you still keep betting? It is like keeping to play cs go while you already know there are cheaters. It is like smoking a cigar while you know it will make you die sooner. It is like going to the gay club and asking why there are no girls. It is like buying the best graphic card but having a 1920x1080 60hz monitor It is like going to an Islamic country and asking where are the alcohol and bitches. Examples can be added but in short, your match-fixing comments make NO SENSE like the examples above. Blame yourself when you lose not the players. nobody put a gun in your head to bet your money. Seeing matchfixing comments from bettors really annoying me.
2021-05-04 17:11
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except there is matchfixing in the NA and AU scenes
2021-05-04 17:11
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United States PP_Bizon
+1 lol
2021-05-04 17:12
Estonia crunchyroll
2021-05-04 17:14
probably in every other scene as well to some degree.
2021-05-04 18:27
This thread isn't about there being or not being match fixing. Its about bettors betting and then crying about match fixing just to bet again the next day and cry about it again.
2021-05-04 20:13
> Islamic country > Alcohol and bitches UAE and Dubai?
2021-05-04 17:12
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Lebanon 😳
2021-05-04 20:10
I hate these kind of people who say every match is match fixing, oh god
2021-05-04 17:13 , explain me this then. Valve just dont care about cs go scene.
2021-05-04 17:17
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you don't understand the message of this thread. The message is if you know there are match fixings happening in the scene why are you still risking your money?
2021-05-04 17:18
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I mean, in every sports it same. U cant avoid it. Only with inside info u can have better chances to win. Second thing, make money in betting its very hard. People most of the time forget many things. Like in tennis, its many tournaments, so sometimes, tennis players come to one tournament just take money check and next day took fly to another tournament.
2021-05-04 17:25
Matchfixing is not the excuse for why your favourite team sucks, it is not what decides every outcome, it is not just in NA and AU, many may not be known yet, not every upset is matchfixed, only those responsible should be punished. These are misconceptions/opinions I believe.
2021-05-04 17:17
nt betting mafia
2021-05-04 17:18
i don't know but gay clubs do have girls, but they are homo... right?
2021-05-04 17:26
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It's actually really fun and from personal experience you can actually find girls there that aren't gay
2021-05-04 18:26
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WOW, plot twist bro
2021-05-04 20:09
yeah I have actually had a couple of good nights at gay bars. Went there once with a gay work colleague and I ended up going home with a lass. The other time I went with him I ended up meeting a girl that I would eventually end up dating for 2 years.
2021-05-04 18:43
flameZ | 
Israel Dur3
cause free money bro
2021-05-04 17:29
Its like asking for 128tick rate on MM but you play faceit.
2021-05-04 17:31
Japan Icar_noob
The Goliath's of CSGO are much dumber than I thought
2021-05-04 18:19
even if it's fixed, there's no way you can know in which direction unless you're in on it, so it's still a 50/50
2021-05-04 18:28
the right question is why does nobody take action? no inspection?
2021-05-04 18:36
cuz you never know that match is fixed until it happen soo its still normal betting lol i mean imo there is not as much matchfixing as people talking about but saying why you still bet then its fixed doesnt made any sense, you need to be inside it to know when it fixed.
2021-05-04 18:48
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What he means is that you should stop betting, period. Not just stop betting on "fixed matches".
2021-05-04 20:16
Russia NOD777
I joined private group and make easy money on fixed matches
2021-05-04 20:21
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hans_j knows all fixed matches in China and some in CIS :)
2021-05-06 11:13
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