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junior respect thread
kobruh | 
United States kobruh_top1_2021 
so many people just look at the scoreboard and think he’s a trash player without even looking at the actual game art takes up all his space as an awper so he’s forced to just be a turret. it’s like kennyS but even worse since he literally has no space to work with. junior was an aggressive awper being forced to stay in one place the entire round. the reason why hen1 was still decent in his roles was because hen1 is naturally a passive awper idk why furia picked him up apart from them wanting to learn english. he just doesn’t fit in this team, either they need to give him more space or just cut him
2021-05-04 22:00
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he just doesn't belong in tier 1, throw him back to NA
2021-05-04 22:01
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he’d fit more on a team like eg
2021-05-04 22:02
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+1 EG=tier 2 so it's alr
2021-05-04 22:03
Exactly. Back to tier 3 where he belongs
2021-05-04 22:03
+1 actual brain on hltv pog
2021-05-04 22:03
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+1 not to say the same about you
2021-05-04 22:06
Poland Drag0nJ
-junior +kobruh anyway
2021-05-04 22:03
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even GOATbruh needs some space on the team to shine
2021-05-04 22:04
agree, finally you make a thread which isn't about glorifying kobruh
2021-05-04 22:05
he's good, not juts tier1 good, but i do agree that the circumstances arent the best, they speak portuguese, hes playing against EU for the first time, ..
2021-05-04 22:09
I mean, if he can't adapt to a more passive style and just hit the easiest shots (which you expect from any decent awper), that means he's not that good right? I feel like he misses too many shots, also weak as a rifler. I like him, but I think it's too early for him to play at this level.
2021-05-04 22:09
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it’s prob cuz of his confidence that’s one of the less excusable things tbh
2021-05-04 22:12
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Yeap but that's also some weakness that you should bring to the table when measuring him as a player. If he's struggling at online cs, imagine at lan events or something like that. I think safee is a better fit player for furia (cuz of playstyle, language, and reasonable buyout).
2021-05-04 22:26
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yeah that’s exactly what i was thinking only problem is his age
2021-05-04 23:01
I played with saffee on a retakes server, he's a really nice guy and nutty af as well. He signed my profile before he left.
2021-05-04 23:04
They are not the easiest shots my friend... they throw all the utility so a turrent awp is not very comfortable...
2021-05-04 22:29
2021-05-04 22:10
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