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Is Ancient T sided or CT sided?
Turkey TheStrategyGod 
2021-05-05 03:24
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There are no sides in casual.
2021-05-05 03:25
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2021-05-05 03:35
sh1ro | 
Argentina Xaby
lol iq in hltv
2021-05-05 04:19
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Exactly. Xaby has the lowest
2021-05-05 04:31
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sh1ro | 
Argentina Xaby
your flag said everything about u nt
2021-05-05 05:09
i have no clue, just played this map and i could barely find a site
2021-05-05 03:25
some people saying more ct sided than train, Ts dont have good spawns at all, very easy to smoke mid and hold Ts and a lot of small choke points to hold off for CT very easily
2021-05-05 03:26
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i think ct sided too but less then train train is soooo ct sided
2021-05-05 03:27
plays a lot like cache but mid seems easier to hold. A site has a long hallway which favours CT awpers and B main has plenty of off angles for CT aggression. I think its quite CT sided from my experience thus far
2021-05-05 03:28
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i think when you want to execute one of the sides you must use all of your utility and they still can cancel your plant so that's weird :/
2021-05-05 03:29
in the games i've played b site was super, super easy to take for the t's because 3 mollies could cover the entire site. we even stated playing 3 b, 1 side hall, and 1 a just so that we could maybe hold b. a site, on the other hand, was almost impossible to take because there's so. many. angles. all at different elevations. still, its pretty fun to play. better than train imo, but i never really liked train to begin with
2021-05-05 03:40
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I mean, I think you really need to aggro B and take advantage of the weird chokepoints that the T's have to cross to get into B main. Kind of a weird design but +1 I liked train but it's mostly for its tradition I guess. Playing T side was kinda depressing
2021-05-05 04:46
2021-05-05 03:34
Usually the maps should be slightly CT-sided, because T rounds count as two when the CT economy is broke.(Pretty frequent). Inferno is the most T-sided you can get without bullshiting gameplay (Dust 2). Question is if it's more CT sided than train, if it is, then it's a problem, a very huge problem TBH. at least 11-4 CT halfs on train were pretty pretty common.
2021-05-05 03:40
bot sided
2021-05-05 03:54
it's ct sided, the spawns of the ct's help a lot to get so much control, maybe moving back a bit the ct spawn will balance things
2021-05-05 03:54
CT im pretty sure not 100% tho with the new A site opening
2021-05-05 03:57
I was just getting into train too, feel like this is a down grade fs.
2021-05-05 04:01
Why would they even do this before the major
2021-05-05 04:02
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i think this map will play after the major right?
2021-05-05 04:14
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yeah Its not in the RMR events
2021-05-05 12:37
Denmark |Metric|
It not the next batch of rmr events, it will be in major
2021-05-05 12:40
I never played it, but from the videos I watched it looks very CT sided.
2021-05-05 04:04
very CT sided, CT's have better respawns and the map have a lot of angles to clear
2021-05-05 04:05
i ran around it a bit, checked out timings and nades im guessing it'll be ct sided, since fakes are really hard for Ts, and defaults will be even more spread out then they already are ngl im really excited to see it evolve as a map, i think it has a lot of cool ideas
2021-05-05 04:08
Italy bennyhana
its so bad its so very a bad map plz valve get this out to here
2021-05-05 04:25
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i think valve doing good job. because cs needs more new thinks. its boring to play sameshit. but -train bad :(
2021-05-05 04:29
fnx | 
Canada AryaGOD
2021-05-05 04:31
It will be very CT sided at first but once people learn basic utility I think it will be slightly T sided
2021-05-05 04:32
United States miragessbm
A Site is dogwater for Terrorists. Two ways to get there, long hut has many rat angles to clear and then tunnels usually has a CT in it. And THEN once you actually secure A site, there's four different ways the CTs can come out and retake, and you can't really plant safe. Might as well go B where you can plant in pillar and it's less of a hassle to get to. It feels like a lot of mid to B is gonna happen.
2021-05-05 06:18
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