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Jake Paul
Australia SenzuBean 
How has he never watch Tropic Thunder. Number 1 rule in acting... never go full r-tard
2021-05-07 06:32
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That neanderthal still exists?
2021-05-07 06:33
Gotcha hat
2021-05-07 06:41
jake "twofaced" paul
2021-05-07 06:42
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Romania Lil_fps
2021-05-07 06:54
He sure act's like a retard, but he's good at promoting fights gotta give him that He promotes his brother fight better than him lmao
2021-05-07 06:43
hit him so hard , he kept saying got the hat even after may left
2021-05-07 06:50
Estonia R3dFen
Jake got hit so hard, he has to cover his eye with shades.
2021-05-07 06:54
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