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Bets/odds today (7 May 2021)
South Africa LustedSilli - 
With DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 playoff matches starting today, as well as BLAST Rising matches and a lot more going on, there's a whole lot of CS:GO to bet on. Remember, this post is only for those who want to bet, or share their predictions. With that disclaimer out of the way, you can check out the links below for matches taking place, the odds, pros and cons for each team and more. Our betting analytics page for info on all the matches: DH Masters Spring 2021 betting guide: Odds comparison page: Which bets are you placing today, at which odds and on which matches? Share your predictions/bets in the comments. Odds might change depending on your region and bookmakers available. Bookmaker T&Cs apply. You must be 18+ to play.
2021-05-07 09:15
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not expected lmfao expected drunkrussianbettor
2021-05-07 09:24
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Yeh, where is he!?
2021-05-07 10:17
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Czech Republic Hoja26
Where is drunkrussianbettor? Is he safe, is he alright?
2021-05-07 10:59
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Hope so too, maybe he pops in later!
2021-05-07 11:22
Thoughts on betting being haram?
2021-05-07 10:21
bet on astralis and make proffit
2021-05-07 10:22
PSG.LGD vs SAG -> lgd will take it very easily 2-0. -10.5 handicap on both maps would be safe. Its not i-league its DPC LGD's dpc stats arent looking that good r.n so they must take clean games now. Invictus Gaming vs Elephant -> 2.5 over games would be safe bet ig wasnt try harding on their last games. They were calling GG very easily. If you are willing to take risk go for elephant match winner.
2021-05-07 10:26
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Nice thank you for the detailed predicts :)
2021-05-07 10:58
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