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You sure xyp9x has to go?
kennyS | 
Denmark Ju1cek 
He has been doing well so fat after device left and i don't want to see at worst case situation i don't want him go or retire.
2021-05-07 17:19
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So far* lol
2021-05-07 17:19
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2021-05-07 17:19
Mongolia Tuffixx
He's been doing fat mens
2021-05-07 17:21
Only haters want -zypniks
2021-05-07 17:19
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it's zipX
2021-05-07 17:21
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2021-05-07 17:41
is it zypniks or zypex
2021-05-07 17:21
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I don't know men let's just call him clutch minister
2021-05-07 17:22
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xyfodase is better
2021-05-07 17:41
Vietnam djpepe
he cant even win 1v1 duels now
2021-05-07 17:42
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Fake news
2021-05-07 17:45
Its xyp9x :)
2021-05-08 07:21
without the "n" but most ppl are just used to the wrong "xypniks"
2021-05-08 09:50
Italy I_like_csgo
I am not sure Xyp9x has to go.
2021-05-07 17:19
Xipnix is not the probrem
2021-05-07 17:20
Turkey 69kagan
FaZe Xyp9x
2021-05-07 17:20
Italy NotNew
Why open this thread after one half
2021-05-07 17:20
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y not at the same time im talking after device left not on g2 vs astralis but maybe things will change
2021-05-07 17:21
-online +LAN
2021-05-07 17:42
i dont know man we will see
2021-05-07 17:43
Xyp is a support player something is wrong if he's top fragging or putting numbers.
2021-05-07 17:57
OK | 
Brazil okemas
tldr = xyp9x fat after device left
2021-05-07 17:59
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fat NiKo best NiKo fatzera best coldzera fat rain best rain fat xyp9x best xyp9x??
2021-05-08 08:24
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No xyp9x best xyp9x
2021-05-08 09:35
Brazil wetdark
I hope he stays until the end of CS GO. In fact, I don't want to see anyone retire until the day CS GO dies.
2021-05-08 07:22
How are you going to react when you get older and all your favourite players have retired and you are still a neet grinding faceit while living in a fantasy world where you can make it pro?
2021-05-08 07:40
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Why so rude mens((
2021-05-08 09:24
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Xyp9x can still clutch and frag, he is just currently past his prime and I assume pressure is higher than it's ever been at the Astralis camp, which they usually thrive off.
2021-05-08 09:38
He is the weakest link in Astralis currently (aside from gla1ve but he is the IGL), I thought Bubzkji was going to be the worst but he has shown he can frag. I mean I like the guy but since coming back from his long break he hasn't come back to his 2017-19 form. Then again I doubt they will replace him because of Flashpoint starting soon.
2021-05-08 09:45
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