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What or who go you into CS?
United Kingdom TheWizardofUh27898 
I will most likely count the amount who say it was their brother as that seems to be 90% of pros stories. For me it was actually watching Olofmiester in Fnatic in 2015 but actually it was the 2018 boston Major that really hooked me on CS.
2021-05-08 13:22
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Basically me. I just tried to play and it was cool.
2021-05-08 13:23
Reunion Esquinox
brother gave me csgo on steam (I already played a bit of 1.6 before but didn't realize it was the same game for a long time)
2021-05-08 13:24
dumau | 
Germany felo
I was playing MW2 Search and Destroy and one day some day one of my mates came up to me and told me „you know what this mode‘s inspired by?“
2021-05-08 13:24
i used to play minecraft csgo without knowing real csgo existed and my friend wanted to buy csgo with me so we both started playing
2021-05-08 13:24
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Finland nexustron
that is actually pretty fun
2021-05-08 13:30
Finland nexustron
My friends played it and i wanted to play with them, I mostly played Team Fortress 2 back then. After the first games I got Silver 1 and just going up the ranks in MM really got me into CS. Now almost seven years later I am almost level 10 on Faceit (I have been there before, now lvl 9).
2021-05-08 13:25
Russia AliasNamer
A lot of youtubers made me want to play. And I bought game after my friend did it
2021-05-08 13:26
first brother then watched kennyS highlights, mind = blown,
2021-05-08 13:26
Germany F0kussi3rt
A friend told me about how CS is free to play with BOTs and because i hadnt had a other game to play atm i just played it a few times. Then it got completely free i spend more time with the game and then it finally catched me in September 2019
2021-05-08 13:27
Internet cafés, CS 1.5 pre-steam times
2021-05-08 13:30
2021-05-08 13:38
Russia VelsVivard
My good friend bought a Zombie mod for CS:S and showed me the game, I liked it and played a lot with BOTs. I never needed GO, it was 2008 or so. But then when the GO came out he bought the game and started playing it, I resisted until my last breath, didn't want any of that, I don't like anything new but then I tried it and liked it immediately. In love ever since.
2021-05-08 14:13
Was in queue for League of Legends and stumbled upon VP vs NiP Katowice 2014 final browsing twitch and here i am 7 years and 8,5k hours later :)
2021-05-08 14:15
I heard leafyishere talk about kennys and I googled kennys and got hooked to Pro Cs ever since
2021-05-08 14:51
I just bought a gaming laptop to play games and initially i had planned to mostly play GTA V or RDR2 like story games but i came to know about csgo from my friend and i have been hooked since then. CSGO has basically the best REPLAYBILITY of all gameimo you can play same maps again and again and never get bored
2021-05-08 15:01
My boyfriend got me into it, helped me improve too :)
2021-05-08 15:02
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