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The unilateral coverage against Israel
flameZ | 
Austria mikok9876 
Some hypocrisy in the global media. Israelis are attacked in Jerusalem on a daily basis in terrorist acts, the Waqf, the organization responsible for the mosque in Al Aqsa ... encourages and calls for the murder of Jews in public ... and what do they mention? The fact that IDF soldiers are shooting at demonstrators ... which does not indicate that these are rubber bullets for dispersing demonstrations ... In another country, the Palestinians have long since been dismantled.
2021-05-09 03:18
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2021-05-09 03:20
good ol' israel controversy
2021-05-09 03:21
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Israel is overrated. #freethesouthofbrazil
2021-05-09 03:24
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2021-05-09 03:42
Israel is a legitimate state, always has been and always will be. Kids who say dumbass shit like free Palestine don't realize that yeah Israel doesn't exactly treat them well but you cant just kick the Israeli's out because of it and that they got kicked out of Israel in the first place.
2021-05-09 03:23
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Sure, you can have your own opinion on who deserves the land etc but doesn't mean what they are doing can be condoned lol. They are attempting to ethnically cleanse the country to make it only Israeli, innocent children are being killed due to this. A man lost his eyesight just for wanting to pray in a mosque, these people are innocent.
2021-05-09 03:28
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Yes i don't agree with the methods how but its really hard to find a middle ground on this and the Palestinians aren't going to take any sort of compensation even if they are given any, but they believe its their land and its uncompensated so they will never stop resisting. Israel has offered them money, land in different parts of Israel and funding for rehabilitation projects but they never agree, can't really blame them too much on that
2021-05-09 03:32
Do you know what the Oslo Accords are? Read a little If Israel wanted to "clean up the Palestinians," Israel would have had these options for years. What about the Abrahamic agreement? Peace agreement with the Union of Emirates and Bahrain? An agreement that Israel signed and in return waived the annexation of the West Bank? What would have ended the Palestinian controversy?
2021-05-09 03:33
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Ofc if israel wanted to openly commit crimes against humanity they would have done it already but they rather not risk an international intervention. Still, there is no justification whatsoever for the things they are doing, abusing their position of victims.
2021-05-09 03:43
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What exact exploitation? There is a party here that carries out attacks on a daily basis in Israel ... and there is a party here that uses military capability to stop these attacks. (Israel) The biggest culprits here are the terrorist organizations in Gaza ... and the Palestinian Authority that encourage it. All the recent events in Jerusalem are the result of a war in the Hamas election to the Palestinian Authority. Who is more radical against Israel? And do not forget .. that the same organization that claims that Israel commits war crimes .. is an organization that protects China against its crimes in the Muslim labor camps.
2021-05-09 03:46
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Okay? And the same organisations funding Israel, is the same organisations that funded TOMMY ROBINSON, KATIE HOPKINS and the ban of muslims entering the US. Your point? Stop trying to justify innocent people dying, you're disgusting.
2021-05-09 04:00
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Who exactly is financing Israel? This is a country that makes half a trillion dollars a year. This is not a country that needs financial financing ... And the only money we get is for the defense industry .. through Americans .. who profit much more from it .. by investing in Israeli arms companies and developing air defense
2021-05-09 04:02
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I am talking about Elad, the settler group that is currently stealing homes in Sheikh Jarrah. :) You are islamophobic, conversation over.
2021-05-09 04:04
That’s such a mad statement lol you have no clue what you’re on about
2021-05-09 04:29
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he claimed 500 million muslims are extremists? wym bro?
2021-05-09 04:32
It's funny how people typically side with Palestine, yet they want to give North American land back to indigenous peoples. The irony is outstanding these days
2021-05-09 03:26
"Israelis are attacked on a daily basis" Yeah I'm sure throwing stones at israeli soldiers is comparable to shooting innocent children. And they do not say MURDER all jews, most Jews that follow the torah disagree with the state of Israel, here is an example
2021-05-09 03:30
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You know what extremist Muslims are right? So in the video it is about an extremist ultra-Orthodox Jewish faction .. It is about a few tens of thousands of individuals most of whom are not in Israel. These are people who have taken the Jewish religion to extremes.
2021-05-09 03:34
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Extremist muslims are not muslims, there are almost 2 BILLION muslims in the world, a 0.0000000000000000001% of people that CLAIM to be part of that religion and are extremists do not represent it.
2021-05-09 03:53
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According to estimates by the European Union and the US Department of Defense Around 15% of Muslims are extremist in opinion. Which is something like 500 million people.
2021-05-09 03:57
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In 'OPINION', this is a bizarre statistic- can you please show me the investigation and sample size behind this? How it was conducted etc. Most people with common sense will disagree with it.
2021-05-09 04:49
And split in the video you show, their name is Neturei Karta ... A small faction in the religious community. Who does not believe in the establishment of the Jewish state .. and does not believe in education .. and does not believe in the need to cooperate with the Gentiles. This is an extremist faction .. and if it is the one who supports the Palestinians .. then I am even more right.
2021-05-09 03:36
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it's not extremely small, literally ALL the jews who I've encountered had the same opinion- there are HUGE neighbourhoods filled with these jews and they are extremely successful, wealthy people.
2021-05-09 03:51
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There are three groups of ultra-Orthodox Jews Lithuanians, Hasidim, Spaniards Each faction has dozens of different factions. (Various rabbis) The Sephardic faction belongs to Rabbi Ovadia, who in the Knesset is represented by the Shas party, which is in the political group of the Zionists. (Which is 90% of Israeli citizens). After that there are religious Lithuanians. They are represented by the Torah Judaism Party ... which is also on the Zionist right. After that there is religious Zionism .. which is here in the right-wing Zionist faction. The same people in the video are not in Israel at all ... and the numbers speak of around 50,000 ... which is nothing.
2021-05-09 03:56
you're claiming half a billion muslims are extremists? That statistic is COMPLETELY false lmao- just say you're islamophobic and move on. I'm not gonna argue with you
2021-05-09 03:58
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I'm not claiming anything The EU claims, the Americans claim .. The German government claims .. I really do not care what the numbers are.
2021-05-09 04:00
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Ok that stat is false, anyone with common sense will agree. Argue with a wall. Have you ever considered that islamophobia is a bias that contributes to these statistics?
2021-05-09 04:01
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I see what you're doing. You have no answer so you are using the best method .. which is to claim that I am a racist without proof.
2021-05-09 04:04
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1. Islam is open to all races and doesn't belong to ONE, so being islamophobic is not racist. 2. I have read the counter argument and agree with it :) IS THIS FIGURE ACCURATE?: Not according to Angel Rabasa, who is a senior political scientist at the RAND corporation. While conducting research for a 2014 book he coauthored, "Euro Jihad," he found that Western European intelligence agencies estimated that less than one percent of the Muslim population living within their borders are at risk for becoming radicals. What was the sample size, how was this investigation carried out- please tell me all of this before you pull out a BS statistic. Ty
2021-05-09 04:08
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You're talking about the borders of Europe. I'm talking about all the Muslims in the world. What you're writing to me has nothing to do with the discussion we started with. And once again I do not really care how many terrorists there are and from what religion ..
2021-05-09 04:23
free palestine
2021-05-09 03:33
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2021-05-09 04:02
The state of Israel is literally worshiped nonstop, especially in America fuck them, they are the worst kind of people
2021-05-09 03:41
Thank europe for this post ww2 messs
2021-05-09 03:44
Evil | 
United Kingdom pookis
Why do I care. What is this. Why are political threads allowed here. Reported, get banned.
2021-05-09 04:24
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