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ztr | 
Ireland JesuSenia 
1.Vita 2.NiP 3.Heroic 4.DBL Rest irrelevant
2021-05-10 06:44
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No Na'vi No Gambit No VP, actual competitive tournament wowzers
2021-05-10 06:45
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is this bait
2021-05-10 06:46
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2021-05-10 06:47
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how u so sure?
2021-05-10 06:48
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US flag
2021-05-10 07:00
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isnt that exactly the reason as to why it could be serious and not bait?
2021-05-10 07:00
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Cuz hes fakeflag
2021-05-10 07:02
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ok i trust you Vitalityfan
2021-05-10 07:03
Vitality topping the chart depends on the form of other players. ZywOo is already better than he was last year, at least rating-wise. NiP maybe honeymoon period. I personally think Heroic should win. Their mental game is strong, unlike Gambit.
2021-05-10 06:46
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imo Vitality cant top the event no matter the form unless Kyojin and Misutaaa pop the fuck off
2021-05-10 07:12
Germany yannxbr
2021-05-10 08:01
United States fowlyz
I don't think Vitality will win. I think either Herioc or NiP might take this.
2021-05-10 07:03
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I agree Vitality don't look likely to win but I also don't believe device will have a maiden tournament win with NiP. Remember that device will adjust to NiP's game rather than the other way around. A consistent AWPer/rifler will not solve the rest of the Ninjas' problems (bad reads, ztr underperforming individually or any of the other members being inconsistent). I will gladly accept being proven wrong.
2021-05-10 07:08
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United States fowlyz
They might not win it but I think they could surprise people for sure. I just meant I think they are gonna do well.
2021-05-10 07:16
HUYenas last place. Really appropriate name for their roster
2021-05-10 07:04
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Nt theyre 5th
2021-05-10 07:09
Vitality? Replace them with G2
2021-05-10 07:11
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2021-05-10 07:12
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2021-05-10 07:13
Macedonia TrubeX
LMAOOO.Heroic,G2,NIP, others can really do nothing tbh..
2021-05-10 08:00
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