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USA President
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Latvia EcoFragsOnly 
With the recent decision, we have removed Joe Biden as the active president due to lack of performance in the current USA roster. Please welcome our newest edition - Mohammad Rajab Wali! -Joe Biden +Mohammad Rajab Wali
2021-05-11 13:10
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Norway Norvegiya2k
2021-05-11 13:12
2021-05-11 15:22
Finally a map pool change
2021-05-11 15:29
Singapore Am2de
Bring back Clinton :(
2021-05-11 15:32
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so he can fuck more secretaries?
2021-05-11 15:37
Bring in Bernie!!!!!
2021-05-11 15:34
Why are you hating women?? It’s 2021, and you are afraid of powerful women?
2021-05-12 09:18
r1nkle | 
Finland G__G
0/8 Osama bin Stalin was the best president of the USA Change my mind
2021-05-12 09:19
wtf did I just watch btw what happened to the clown in the office before biden got there? Is he back in the zoo or zirkus?
2021-05-12 09:19
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