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China SalttyNoodles 
Why are all the top streamers so cringe and their chat even more cringe. They make the 13 y/o weebs feel older than they are by making "chill" streams. Worst thing is how they use emotes.
2021-05-11 21:49
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ok 😂
2021-05-11 21:51
Life hack: Dont watch those streamers
2021-05-11 21:51
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2021-05-11 21:53
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2021-05-11 21:54
2021-05-11 21:51
why would you care
2021-05-11 21:55
Italy I_like_csgo
Large chat tends to devolve into memes and emote spam, about the streamers idk, I consider CohhCarnage a bigger streamer and he is super nice and chill.
2021-05-11 21:57
welcome to xqc chat just watch summit or some other dude who has kind of a more grown up fanbase
2021-05-11 22:01
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summit has grown ups...?
2021-05-11 22:10
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let's say his chat and donation messages make more sense than some fucking xqc level streamer's chat yes i hate xqc and his fans him and his minions are fucking dumb kinda like ninja back then
2021-05-11 22:11
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one of the few normal chats are cohhcarnage and maybe dansgaming definitely not summit chat tho....
2021-05-11 22:12
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ok elite human being
2021-05-11 22:47
I dont understand what you're talking about. Can you give some examples of what streamers specifically and what happens
2021-05-11 22:02
just close the chat . xqc's chat has the lowest iq on twitch for example
2021-05-11 22:03
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Full screen mode 24/7
2021-05-11 22:07
Panama Bill_Bait
xqc ahhaa
2021-05-11 22:07
when you are a teenager everything is cringe and awful, i know. but dont worry it will not last forever
2021-05-11 22:09
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I don't think I'm cringe so what am I?
2021-05-11 22:15
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Czech Republic PaYaB
a puppet ? idk, you shuld know that sir
2021-05-11 22:52
I dont watch high pop streamers.majority sold out and have to play every new game to stay relevant and majority are a dick to there chat..also poor moderation in there chat is a reason why there chat is a toxic cesspool.
2021-05-11 22:33
United States Noobdavind
ok didnt ask though
2021-05-11 22:48
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Did I ask you?
2021-05-11 22:49
tyler1KKona tyler1Bruh
2021-05-11 22:51
2021-05-11 22:53
ztr | 
Argentina laushe
2021-05-11 22:53
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