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Europe elefiveS 
2021-05-12 23:27
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rip dog coins rugged by vitalik
2021-05-12 23:27
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entire family of animal coins tanked in price, i think even the stable coins got hit by the news... wtf
2021-05-12 23:29
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2 birds one stone, tank the garbage while donating to good causes
2021-05-12 23:29
rip shiba others are fine for now at least but most of the meme coins will die eventually
2021-05-12 23:29
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yea, but these past weeks the meme coins were very popular, i think almost everyone were jumping in those
2021-05-12 23:33
Dosia | 
Russia D4n1K
Vitalik KEKW
2021-05-12 23:30
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