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sh1ro | 
United Kingdom UnfriendlyV 
While i`m watching GROND playing NAVI, i`ve got analogy for CIS CS:GO... In my opinion CIS in CS:GO is exactly the same as Latin America in Football... All those kids can do in free time is basically to play football all the time, same thing for kids in CIS during the winter when in many regions it`s -25 or less, all they can do is grind in games like CS:GO, DOTA LEAGUE...
2021-05-14 17:28
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2021-05-14 17:29
Ukraine Najara
Than lower your IQ than higher your skill in CS GO
2021-05-14 17:30
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2021-05-14 17:31
2021-05-14 17:30
Russia yungyoda
Yes sir
2021-05-14 17:31
Some rounds it feels like two best teams playing and other rounds it's straight up dmg matchmaking, CIS cs
2021-05-14 17:31
Ukraine McSwell
CIS is just superior cs region, that's it.
2021-05-14 17:32
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